Welcome to Melkiades.

This site brings you a personal blog about evolving from a 3D into 5D existence. What does that mean? How do we live through this experience? What are the consequences on our outlook?

On this site, we also make available our free Yijing programme. Although there has been no update since 2013, the programme still works correctly on Windows and on the Macintosh. Unfortunately on Linux Ubuntu, some mysterious incompatibility shows up. So far, I haven't been able to find out why.

Considering life through 5D lenses and asking the advice of the Yijing is not fashionable in all corners of the world. The central tenent in this site is that you and your inner self always know best. When encountering a powerful truth, some will always interpose themselves. One should simply be guarded, hold to the truth and to reasonable discourse, and all will come out right in the long term.