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Section 2. Interdimensional communication tools

An interaction with our Higher Self is at the core of a fifth-dimensional existence. In contrast to the embattled field of self-affirmation of 3D life, the fifth dimension offers a rich and fruitful existence, lived in harmony with one's inner being. Central to this 5D peace is a collaboration with one's Higher Self that becomes ever more pronounced with time. This interaction brings wellness, joy and security, which in turn nourishes our interactions with our loved ones. Peace and cooperation with our inner self is at the basis of our 5D interactions with the rest of the world.

I will tell you how I slowly began communicating with my own Higher Self. You remember, I call him "Melkiades". I, the writer with fingers and a computer, I'm just "Melki".

A lesson for a statistician

Melkiades came into my life very slowly. I first became aware of some "higher intelligence" in my life when I was 35 years old, one summer when I fell madly in love with a sensitive and charming young woman -- who unfortunately was already married. In previous years, I had learned how to throw the I Ching; that summer, I must have thrown my three Canadian cent coins for easily 100 hexagrams: Were we or were we not going to end up living together?

Incredible as it was, day after day, the I Ching always said "no", often with exactly the same hexagram, sometimes with some others. There was no future in this story. If you know the I Ching, you understand what an amazing "string of coincidences" this is. The I Ching is a rather gentle and polite fortune, and it usually shows ways of turning events into the best possible direction. In this case it was clear and unequivocal: this simply was not to be. Also, if you assume that three cent coins will fall purely according to chance, this string of 100 negative hexagrams was really weird1. Time after time it told me that this relationship had no future and that I had to come to terms with exactly that.

As it happened, the I Ching turned out to be right -- against my will, and without my love's knowing. Nothing did ever come of the story. In midsummer she went off, alone, to the East Coast and I drowned my sorrows in a hedonistic visit on the West Coast. The love story, which had been ever so intense a few months earlier, came to an abrupt end.

So "who" had "fixed" my I Ching that summer? Perhaps I'm imagining things now, but I seem to hear "my Higher Self" chuckling in the background. That was the first time that he made a strong appearance in my life. Melkiades has since confirmed that he had a hand in this story. It also taught me, a bit painfully, that there is definitely something like "divine knowledge" that we can access with interdimensional tools such as the I Ching.

A paranormal visit

Many busy years went by and I read extensively about paranormal events during the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. With time, some amazing things happened that prepared me for meeting my Higher Self. A week before my dad died of bone cancer in 1999 (he was 76), I told him much of what I knew about the afterlife. He was grateful that I gave him this information. No one had ever been able to give him such a detailed account. Knowing where he was going was important for him now, since he knew that he had to leave us soon. We agreed that if I was right about the afterlife, he would come and visit me.

Three months went by after his death and nothing happened. Then, one day, I was waking up slowly, and I felt my dad's presence to the left of me. He had been a university professor, and two of his research assistants were waiting to my right. There was a large, illuminated space ahead of me pointing to the rising sun.

I didn't really want to wake up, as it sometimes goes when it's before your normal wake-up time. But suddenly, I became aware of my dad saying, "Well, if you're not going to wake up, we'll have to go". That gave me a jolt, I turned over to look at him in my dream, and there he was clearly, looking much younger than he was when he died. I remember him in a brown suit that he wore a lot when he was about 45 years old. I became very emotional, and we embraced, right as I was coming out of my dream. As we were in each other's arms, I felt him disintegrate physically in my arms. I felt the shards crumbling around my arms, and the pieces touched my skin as they were falling. Imagine embracing a very thin porcelain structure that suddenly disintegrates into many small pieces when you squeeze it, and you get the feeling that I had, as I was sitting up in my bed, now fully awake and full of emotion.

The hands

A few years after this important event, I had one summer when I was exceedingly tired. A lot of things had gone wrong in the years and months before that, both at work and in my private life. I did a lot of meditation exercises to get back on track. I only had a few weeks left before the semester would begin, and I needed some extra help to get me going. That was when I first met Melkiades directly.

Every day that summer, I used hemisync recordings from the Monroe Institute2 to do some 1-2 hours of meditation. It was very good. As I went through the meditations, I felt myself gathering strength. My flagging energies were getting restored. In the meditations, I got a strong feeling of a helping hand from some guides. So I asked, "Ok, if you are there, my guide, can you show yourself to me?" For a long time, there was no response.

But I kept asking. I wanted to meet this unseen presence. Some people see angels, others see a relative, yet others see a companion, why couldn't I hands.pngmeet my guide3? And as it is so often with other-dimensional events, answers come when you don't expect them. One day, in the middle of a meditation where I hadn't asked for anything at all, I suddenly saw two male hands enter into my visual field, directly in front of my meditation eye. "Two hands? What is that?" I asked. "You wanted to see me," came the answer telepathically. I laughed and broke my meditation. "Yeah, yeah, so I don't get to see you face to face, just your hands!" At this point I knew with certainty that I had a personal guide, my own Higher Self.

The intensive meditations I did that summer were a great help. In the subsequent university year, I not only regained all my energies, but I also rewrote all of my course material. Meditation permitted me to gather my strength, to see beyond the tough personal difficulties that I was going through, and they readied me for the next major portion of my life.

New interdimensional communication tools

Melkiades didn't manifest himself for quite some time after that. Two hands were going to be all for several years, but the experience incited me to look at how I could work directly with my guide. If he had helped pull me out of a tough stretch of life, couldn't he help me with some other important questions?

I was approaching retirement, and I needed some orientation of where to go in the next portion of my life. For a long time, I kept asking the same question: "How can I communicate more directly with you?" I wished that I had a friend right beside me with whom I could talk things over.

As time evolved, I learned that Melkiades was always there, but that he expected me to make an effort to find the right communication tools. Communication with him wasn't just like email. I didn't get "messages from the boss" to tell me that I should do this or that, or "kind suggestions from a friend" that a certain course of action might be much better than another. I first had to find the tools, and then I needed to establish the codes for communicating. The path to the right communication tools was extensive, perhaps intentionally so. Through this long-winded approach, I was exposed, step by step, to a whole series of communication tools, each of which I could explore, and that I can now present to you.

Prior to 2005, I had basically just one tool, the I Ching. Then I found that I could expand my communication with interactive meditations, lucid dreams, the pendulum, muscle testing and channelling. I will characterize these tools rapidly here, and in the following blogs I will describe each in more detail.

For the I Ching, you need a good I Ching text and three coins. Get a good, well-known translation, like the Wilhelm translation. A good translation will teach you how to throw the coins and above all, how to interpret the results correctly. Nowadays you can also "throw the I Ching" on the computer, either online or with your own programme. But be careful, not all computer programmes are equally good. In one of your first consultations, ask the I Ching if he likes the programme that it runs on. If not, get another. Then verify that the programme permits you to contact your Higher Self. If all looks good, you're in business.

For interactive meditations, you can find an extensive introduction in one of the next chapters. This is a very powerful method and you get to hear your Higher Self directly. But it involves finding a practitioner, usually some travelling, and one or more free days to hold a session. It's a really great experience, very intensive, but sometimes quite expensive.

Nearly everybody dreams, many remember parts of their dreams, and if you pay attention, a few of your dreams are direct messages from the Higher Self. Those are what I call lucid dreams. To encourage lucid dreaming, I simply had to take seriously what I had read many times before: You should write your dreams down. Once I started doing that, Melkiades took over and he led me through quite a few amazing experiences. When I wake up, I know from the clear content and the new learning which of my dreams are lucid. Then I know whether I should write them down.

In my lucid dreams, Melkiades usually has me go through some experiences, or he points out some features of what I am looking at. He is usually right behind me, about a yard/meter away. In the ascension experience (described in the Foreword), I felt him very close to one side of me, like someone who wants to tell you something private when you're in a group of people. In any case, he keeps enough distance, so as not to scare me.

In addition, I get help from the pendulum. On all major questions, I get information from both the I Ching and the pendulum. I ask at the most three times the same question with each tool, and then I compare. If I get a widely discrepant answer, I know that I have asked the wrong question. But by and large, I now get concordant and complementary answers.

The information became more reliable when I learned which questions the pendulum refuses to speak on. It will not answer questions for which I already know the answer or where I can get the answer easily. "That's not the game I will play" seems to be the answer for those kinds of questions. But it turns out that the responses are rather more reliable and helpful when my questions require information which I cannot obtain myself or where my subsequent actions would teach me or my environment a lesson.

Questions on money are an interesting example. While I've often got a truly excellent helping hand on major financial decisions and orientations, minor amounts of money are clearly of secondary concern to the I Ching or the pendulum. I've often lost a bit of money, but in turn got a useful lesson instead. Sometimes I also lost some money to teach someone else a lesson. This has certainly been annoying, but I must think of it as an "investment in wisdom", both my own and that of the world around me.

Muscle testing further verifies the I Ching/pendulum results. Most people know muscle testing as "arm testing". It turns out to be much easier to keep up your arm out sideways when you are thinking something that is true than when you are thinking something that is false. Hold out your arm sideways, think of something true, ask a friend to press down on the arm and see how you can resist this pressure. Then do the test while you're thinking of something false, like the name of a person opposite your sex, and watch your arm collapse against your will.

You can also do such testing with the feet. For most people, a true answer makes both sides of your body contract the same way, and a false answer makes it contract on only one side. For some people it's the inverse. You can see the result in the length of the legs. The difference is substantial, of the order of 1 cm or more. My partner Elena uses this technique extensively in her work in complementary medicine, and the reliability is excellent. The nice thing about muscle testing is that the responses are entirely subconscious. Unless you contract your body totally abnormally -- which is easy to identify -- the reactions are subconscious and reflect the response of your inner self.

Finally, there is channelling. Via my other tools, my Higher Self has encouraged me to communicate more often with channelling, which in my case will be automatic writing. I may do so with time. Channelling requires an exceptional degree of "controlled letting go". The times when I've tried it, it worked well, as indicated by my other communication tools. In time, I will learn to channel more frequently, but always with the greatest care, so as to capture the messages correctly and adequately.

Proceed with care

What's the reliability of these various tools? The reliability of such results is different for everyone. Research results suggest that reliability is best for people who believe strongly that this sort of information gathering "really works". Elena and I cross-checked with muscle testing on the feet how reliable my pendulum interrogations are. The result was about 90%. Interestingly, my pendulum responds in kind. It says that the reliability of foot testing on me is also about 90%. And after all these years, I find out that the reliability of I Ching readings with my computer programme is only about 75%!

Also, for really important questions, we repeat the question on separate days, even three or four times, if the issue is really important. We've had some divergences on different interrogations, but again, the repetition reliability has generally been truly excellent for us.

Clearly, we need to proceed with care. Many of the experiences I describe on the Melkiades website, as well as of my many interactive inductions with clients, have led me to believe that the Higher Self can help us a great deal in all kinds of life and health situations. I work with Melkiades on a daily basis, but always with very much prudence. Nearly all the time, I cross-check Melkiades' answers with different methods, both to verify if I got the answer right and to try to fully understand all the dimensions of his answers.

When you reach an advanced state of interaction and your reception has become reliable, the "other side" may get tired of the cross-checking. This has happened to me as well as to a good friend who is a seer. For example, I had done a detailed analysis of my mother's eye condition and I wanted to go over the list a second time. The pendulum refused and I only got the "no answer" sign. Then I asked Melkiades what was up, and I got the answer that he did not want to do the list once more and that it was fine as it stood.

Protect yourself

Spiritual work is not simple. Gremlins and perhaps more powerful spirits can oppose your work. The better you become, the more formidable is "the opposition". Don't expect a smooth ride. When opposition manifests itself in the form of strange and inconsistent results, the only response is a resolute attitude. When strange things start happening, I look directly in front of me as if I saw the gremlins physically, and I tell them in a determined voice to disappear immediately. And they do: Results become reliable again, and the spiritual work can proceed as it should.

You're the boss

One last but important word: Our interactions with our Higher Self should never degrade into an Inner-Self dependency. My Higher Self is not a father-substitute. It is our responsibility in life to learn to be our own boss and to stand up to our challenges. I, Melki, am the boss of this, my incarnation, and no one else is. When I consult Melkiades, I consult a very dear friend. I reflect much about his advice, but I will always make my own decisions.

I think that's the way things should be. Melkiades helps me become much better informed and considerably wiser, and I'm grateful for all that help. We are in an extensive learning process at the outset of our ascended life, and we appreciate all the help we can get. At the same time, we fully assume -- and we profit from -- all the risks that this rich life offers.


1 Or about 600 unbiased throws for 100 coded answers. 0 out of 100 is a highly unlikely chance result, but as we know, not an impossible one. In statistics, we call that simply "a significant result".


3 I did not have a clear idea who was guiding me then. To me a guide was any higher and unseen entity, and my Higher Self was my personal guide, so at the time I addressed a guide.

[Verification with Melkiades: Do you fully agree with what I wrote in this blog? Agreed. Can I put this on the website? Strongly agreed. Shall I report these agreements? Agreed.]

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