5D existence is different for everyone. For some, the new horizons of 5D just bring more freedom to be oneself, to enjoy life and to "groove". For them, the 5D realm simply opens new possibilities for their creative pursuits. This, the great majority of our rapidly growing 5D population, won't find the "spiritual aspect" of their ascension all that important. They may not even know that they are in a process of ascension.

Others are quite different. They will find that their new 5D existence opens doors where there had only been a small crack. Like radio amateurs that barely manage to exchange a few words with far-off colleagues, we can now enter into delicate communication with an immense world of entities living in the spiritual world. We hear faint responses, and we know that someone is there, intelligent and alive.

What we find on the other side is not always sunshine and roses. Many deceitful and even violent entities roam on the other side, crossing paths with good and wise guides. For that, it is important to have a truly reliable friend to show us the way. For nearly everyone, our Higher Self is our best bet. We need to communicate with our deep inner self, frequently and reliably. We need interdimensional communication tools.

No help from drugs

An important point to start with: I do not suggest working with drugs. I personally function entirely without psychoactive agents when seeking contact with "the other side". It may be true that a "non-believer" will much more rapidly begin to believe that the other side is "really there" after taking a psychoactive substance. But a drug-induced experience will probably show only a tiny, ill-selected part of the world beyond, frequently without the help of a guide. This could possibly become a frightening and totally aversive experience, and it is generally a great shock to the whole body. Furthermore, it can isolate us rapidly from the rest of the world who has never had a similar experience.

I believe in working with my body, with my Higher Self, and with my environment. Like a good sportsman, I want to be all one with my body, and that includes my conscious thinking, my emotions, my spiritual self and my communication with the rest of the world. Also I'm part of a larger 5D team, together with people who may or may not have had similar experiences. As an integrated participant in an open and joyful 5D world, I can then open the dialogue with my Higher Self, as well as with other guides and advisers "on the other side".

I have accepted that the entities on the other side are mostly invisible. When you come to a door and want to know if someone lives there, you can knock or ring. Noises on the other side will then tell you if someone is there. When they don't open the door, one usually assumes that there is a good reason, and one can start the conversation through the door. This is the way I look at my dialogue with Melkiades, my Higher Self. We're on the two sides of a door, of what many people call "a veil", and we've started to get to know each other slowly through this veil.

Interdimensional communication tools

To communicate I use a whole series of tools: the pendulum, muscle testing, the I Ching, lucid dreams, interactive meditations and channelling. These tools are all different, and none is more important than the other.

I use the yes-no tools (pendulum, muscle testing) to get direct answers to my daily questions and to cross-verify the responses. I use the symbolic tools (I Ching, lucid dreams) to understand the larger context and to explore entirely new territory.

In short, I can always have a small chat with my Higher Self, any time in the day. With a bit of practice, answers can come quite rapidly. I rarely have to wait more than a few hours to get a crystal-clear answer or advice from Melkiades.

Do I consultations for others? Rarely. I would much rather have it that everyone learn to communicate directly with one's own Higher Self. You are your own boss, and if you are truly in touch with your own Higher Self, you'll make the very best decisions for yourself. In the end you'll be a much better team player on our 5D team.

The pendulum

In the following blogs I will introduce each tool separately. Today we'll start with the pendulum.

Many authors on Internet say that for a pendulum, one can use pretty much any heavy weight attached to a string or a thread. Perhaps that is true for them, but it wasn't so for me.

I started with a stone attached to a string and asked a number of questions. The responses were not very clear. Then I tried a small crystal attached to a short silver chain. But again, I didn't get any reliable responses. Then finally I invested a few Euros and ordered a brass pendulum attached to a 20 cm chain, and ah, finally, I got some reliable answers! (Fig. 1).


Fig 1. A 25 g pendulum with a 20 cm chain.

The brass pendulum is quite a bit heavier than the stone and crystal pendulums. It also has a longer chain. There are heavier pendulums yet, so I suspect that a pendulum has to fit your hand and the type of movements that come naturally to you. In any case, don't give up and experiment if you don't get reliable responses in the beginning. For reliability purposes, you can test the pendulum with different names, see Fig. 2.

two pendulums

Fig 2. Different pendulums answer with different reliabilities. The 35 g pendulum (left) answered "yes" to all questions, including to the question "Is my name Juliette?" (obviously, it isn't). The 25 g pendulum (right) answered "no" to the question "Is my name Melkiades?", it answered "yes" to "Is my name Melki?" and "no" to "Is my name Juliette?". The 25 g pendulum gives me very consistent answers that seem appropriate to the questions. It is very important to have a live and reliable relationship with one's pendulum before starting to put credence in the responses one gets.

divining rod

Fig. 3. A divining rod, which can serve as a pendulum for many.

For some other people, a divining rod serves as a particularly sensitive pendulum. I personally cannot get the services of this divining rod -- it even gives me a "no"-answer (Fig. 4) when I ask it if it wants to work with me! However I had a good friend with great spiritual aptitude who preferred to work with the divining rod. He even designed one that he could carry like a pen on him and which has an extractable wire. He used it for some 20 years to select particularly healthy foods.

The code

The next part is the code for communicating with the other side.

I experimented for a few weeks and I found that my Higher Self wanted to use the code that I show below this article (Fig. 4). Then I went on Internet and checked the codes that work for some other people. I found that their results were often quite different from mine.

So logically, I recommend that you experiment yourself, to find out how your pendulum signals "yes" and "no". "Perhaps" should logically be between the two. Then see if you get a distinctive sign for "I don't know". Don't assume that your code should be anything like mine.

There may also be some special codes. I got the bottom centre signal a few times, and for a long time I didn't know what it meant because I got it so rarely. Finally I saw that this was the signal where Melkiades wanted to show me that he was emphatically in disagreement with me. Over the years, clockwise movements have turned out to be positive signals for me, and counter-clockwise movements have been negative signals.

The long-term lesson I learned in this experience was that the communicating code with the other side may only stabilize after years of use. Try, verify and don't give up. Communications does get easier and more reliable over time.

The consultation

Now we're ready. Let's do a consultation.

Write your questions down.

Many experiments have shown that the "other side" responds only to the question you ask, exactly as you ask them. So it is very useful to have a clear record of your questions, to be able to tell if you got adequate answers from your Higher Self, and to help you figure out why you might be getting a surprising result. So please write your question down, or as an absolute minimum, say your question out loud to yourself before you begin and as you swing the pendulum.

Then, to start the consultation, I close my eyes and I "calm down". I concentrate and "connect" with the question. If you are a beginner, I recommend that you start with a one-minute meditation1. Once you become practised, give yourself a minimum of 15 seconds to fully concentrate on your question.

The whole idea of the "calming down" is that you become open to any answer that the pendulum wishes to give you, "yes", "no", or whatever. Do not start swinging the pendulum until you have a clear mind oriented towards the best results for the greatest number of participants.

When I'm ready, I lift my entire arm and I swing the pendulum three times forward and backward, away from me and towards me. Then I keep my arm very still in the air and wait about 20-30 seconds. Then I open my eyes and see what the pendulum has answered.

Don't be rushed! Sometimes the pendulum takes quite a while to "make up its mind". The other side can take some time to "reflect" or "calculate" before giving you a response. In a recent consultation, I asked Melkiades to give me a quality assessment of a three-page list of health disorders. Each disorder had been coded numerically. Melkiades took about three minutes to calculate the response, but then the response was reliable in trial-retrial testing. In interactive meditations with clients as well, I have at times found that there were some unexpected hesitations to complex questions. This suggests to us on this side of the veil that "the other side" has to perform a search, a calculation or a consultation prior to responding.

I've also discovered also an interesting tendency in "most probable future development"-type questions. When the development is close (days, weeks), the answer comes back a fair bit more quickly than in situations where the question concerns more distant events (months, years). It makes you chuckle, as you look down at the pendulum and imagine the other-worldly probability computers spinning away while you're waiting for the result.

The interpretation

Write down your result.

Be very strict about that, particularly in the beginning. As we come out of our 3D experience, we have a devilishly selfish mind, and we always want things to go our way. The pendulum is not always in agreement with what we want. The only way to stem against a wrong recall of inconvenient answers is to be very strict with ourselves and to faithfully put down the answers that the pendulum gives us.

When the response is very strange, I have the three-question rule. I ask the pendulum three times the same question, and not more. An error might always be possible,

If I then get three times "yes" or three times "no", the answer is evident.

If I get once "yes" and twice "no", or the inverse, I stop and think. Did the responses feel like two "strong yes" or two "clear nos"? Then the deviating response may have been an error.

If the responses were less strong, I think about why the answer was not clear. Am I tired? Am I rushed? Is the question not clear in my mind? Or does the Higher Self hesitate? Perhaps it might be more appropriate to ask some other moment.

Who answers, you or your Higher Self?

If you hang up your pendulum on a hook somewhere in your room and expect it to swing, chances are that it won't. You need your hand to make it swing. So the question is, who makes the pendulum swing, you or your Higher Self?

My answer is: for a beginner, both, and for the advanced experimentor, mostly the Higher Self. The whole game of communicating with the Higher Self via the pendulum is to reduce the effect of our conscious thinking and to let the actions of the Higher Self emerge and direct your hand movements. The more you can let your Higher Self do that, the better your results will be.

This is the whole basis of our communication with the Higher Self. The Higher Self is a part of you. It is the part of your psychology that connects you to the "Beyond" and to the Highest Existence, God or "the Source".

3D life has rationalized away this part of our human existence for many decades, even centuries. Now, in the extra dimensions of 5D life, we are again becoming aware of this, our umbilical cord to the Higher Self and to the Beyond. When we let our conscious self and our emotions relax for awhile, the Higher Self gets a chance to come to the fore and to direct our hand movements as we swing a pendulum. It can now influence your hand muscles in minute ways to let it swing this way or that way, in an intelligent fashion. And that is the basis of our communication with the Higher Self, and via the Higher Self, with the Beyond.

Asking about someone

Great care should prevail if you ask about someone else with a pendulum.

First of all, should you ask? Many love relationships are over and finished with, and no more contact is desired. If you then insist on gaining access to a former partner's soul when you really shouldn't, you expose yourself to a massive retort. You may have to pay for your uninvited intrusion with sleeplessness, discomfort or even illness. So please ask every time if you have permission from the other person before probing into their intimacy.

Second, be aware that what you find out may be of very temporary nature. Here is a concrete example. My partner Elena was supposed to make an international long-distance call to me via Skype one night at 11 p.m. By 11:45, no call had come through and I asked my pendulum what was going on. I got the "no" signal. What could that be? Was there a major problem? Was she upset with me? All kinds of thoughts go through your head at those times.

So I called her up on her cell phone via Skype. There was nothing serious. She simply couldn't get an Internet line and so she couldn't call me. Because calling internationally is very expensive from her cell phone, she was a bit cross with me that I hadn't called her yet via Skype. After a friendly chat, we hung up and I asked the pendulum again. Now I got a "yes" signal and it stayed "yes" for the rest of the night.

So a pendulum response, even if it is right, is not etched in stone. Things can change quite rapidly, in tune with one's emotions. Don't let the pendulum destabilize you, let it help you, not hurt you.

Be sure and act

After a consultation, I expect the answer to be clear, so I can decide how to act. If it is still not clear, or if the response goes very much against the grain, I can verify with another technique. I may wait for a chance to verify the pendulum responses with muscle testing, or when I'm in a rush, I may do the verification with a question to the I Ching.

One thing is clear. I never leave a consultation until I have a clear result. Melkiades and I are in agreement on this: our mind and our actions should never be wishy-washy. If we make such a great effort to obtain an honest advice from the other side, we owe it to ourselves to have a crystal-clear response.

As to the action I will finally undertake, that is my own decision. Most of the time I follow Melkiades' advice -- that's obvious. But I have also gone against his advice. He knows that in this incarnation, I have to do my own learning, and learning is a result of experimentation. And that may not always be what the Higher Self judges to be the best direction.

In the great interaction between the Higher and the Material Self, that is the central tension and excitement of our human existence, ever more so in 5th-dimensional life. Through interdimensional communication tools, we humans can enter into joyful interaction with the God-fragment within us. Out of this interaction is born the enormous privilege of our creativity.


1 One minute-meditation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6eFFCi12v8&

[Verification with Melkiades: Are you in agreement with the article as it stands now? Answer: Yes. Can I put it on Internet? Answer: Yes. Note: There was a previous version on which I got a "perhaps" for the first question. Then I found out which was the disagreement and I made some important changes, which Melkiades okayed. Now he agrees that the article also fully reflects his point of view.]

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Fig. 4. This is the interpretation code that works for me. Please discover your own code, it may be quite different.