Muscle testing is an old art and has an official name, "kinesiology". Over the last half century, this technique has become known primarily in chiropractic medicine and associated fields. In recent years it has also found extended use in alternative medicine.

The type of kinesiology that we are using here is a special type, one that exploits the body's natural reactions to yes-no questions. Its official name is "specialized or energy kinesiology". Some people also call what we do here "bioenergetic testing". To keep things simple, we'll just use the term "muscle testing".

Muscles give yes-no answers

With muscle testing we examine the natural reactions of the body to questions that are posed. What we find is not really surprising, when you think about it. We all know that our body feels uneasy and becomes clumsy when we think of something disagreeable, and that it functions smoothly when we think of something pleasant. These are the differences we look at in muscle testing.

Most people become clumsy when they lie, and they function normally when they do not lie. This is the basis of lie detector tests which measure different body responses such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration and skin conductivity while people answer various questions. In essence, lie detectors capture the involuntary contractions and relaxations of various muscles in the body to the questions that are posed, and they sort out unnatural from natural muscle responses. Lying responses tend to be exaggerated, particularly long and discoordinated, in comparison to honest responses which are shorter, adequate to the task and well-coordinated.

This pattern is changed in confirmed liers who have learned to remain in a perfectly natural state as they tell the greatest lies. Normalizing one's natural physiological responses while lying is an "art" (or an aberration) that can be learned relatively easily, and that can be used for spying or for other deceitful purposes.

But here, our objective is the exact opposite. We assume that you would like to let your body respond as naturally and as honestly as possible to the questions that are posed. Furthermore, we'll see if you can also let your body respond spontaneously to questions that we pose to the Higher Self.

You probably can. We'll take you there step by step.

Arm testing

We'll do a number of practical tests here. Please find a friend with whom you can do these exercises. Your friend should be willing, without hesitation, to participate in these simple tests. Be sure to ask explicitly for permission.

Exercise: Ask your friend to stand up straight in the middle of the room and to stretch out an arm. Ask your friend to keep the arm nice and rigid. Put yourself behind the wrist of the outstretched arm and place your hand on the wrist. Ask your friend to say out loud, "My name is..." and to fill in his/her real name, like "My name is Lisa Smith", or whatever the real name is.

Somewhere during that phrase, at an unexpected moment, press down rapidly on your friend's wrist. You will notice that there is quite a resistance as your friend tries to keep the arm up.

Now ask your friend to do the same again: stretch out the arm and keep it rigid. But then your friend should say a name which is typical of the opposite sex. So if your friend is a woman, she might say, "My name is Roger Wild". Again, as she says the sentence, press down on the wrist at an unexpected moment. Notice how the arm goes down much more easily?

If the effect was not so clear, give your friend a glass of water, wait a minute, shake the arm a bit, and try it again. Then usually, all should be fine. The body should not be thirsty while you do this exercise.

Do as many tests as you need to see how this works.


Why did this happen?

The explanation of this effect follows from what we said above. When you don't lie, when the answer is "yes", your responses are natural. So if you want to keep your arm outstretched, you'll put your normal, natural energy into the task. This keeps up the arm quite nicely against the pressure.

When you lie, your body "gets confused". Part of your body knowns that it should keep the arm outstretched, but another part knows that it is telling a lie. This induces discoordination in the muscle responses, and bingo, down goes the arm, much more easily than before.

This basic principle of coordination vs. discoordination becomes even more evident with the next exercise.

Leg length

In this version of the muscle test, we examine the response of the entire body. It is logical that when one answers questions honestly, one's entire body should stay at an even state of relaxation. But when one tells a lie, most people's bodies create a physical imbalance. Half of the body contracts while the other half of the body stays more relaxed. As a result, one half of the body is a bit shorter than the other half.

The difference is quite important. There is generally about a 1 cm difference between the two conditions.

Most people don't believe this till they actually see it. It can be demonstrated most easily when when a person is lying down on a bed and wears shoes with clearly visible heels. So let's try this out.

Exercise. Ask your friend to lie down on the bed so that the feet will stretch out over the edge of the bed. The ankles should be resting directly on the lower edge of the bed, with shoes that have clear-cut heels.

When a person is just lying there quietly, or when they say their real name, the heels are about the same length. Some people have a leg that is a bit longer than the other leg. Have your friend say their real name and note down the normal difference between the legs.

Now we'll try the lying test. Have your friend say "My name is..." with a typical name of the opposite sex, and look at the heels.

Isn't that amazing? One leg is now very much shorter than the other. In most people there is now a difference of 1-1.5 cm (half an inch) between the heels.

Try this exercise extensively, till you get a good feel of how a true answer differs from a false answer.

Fine differences. Differences can also be gradual. Try some situations where you contrast blatant lies with half-lies, or where you contrast clear truths from unsure situations. See what the "feet tell you" about these conditions. Generally, there should be strong heel differences for clear truths and blatant lies. The heel differences for half-lies and unsure situations should be less evident.

The exceptions: Some people have exactly the opposite response: they show similar heels for false conditions and different heel lengths for true conditions. Logically, this doesn't make much sense, but that's the way it is. Some people are simply "wired up" differently. It remains that there is still a difference between true and false responses. Just remember which heel response corresponds to which state, and then you can do the rest of the exercises as before.

Also, if you don't get any systematic responses, take a glass of water, wait a minute, shake the legs and all should be fine.

Let the Higher Self speak

And now comes the clincher. Now we let the Higher Self speak.

Exercise. For this exercise, neither you nor your friend should hold an answer in your head. Do a short meditation to clear your mind and open yourself to whatever answer the Higher Self provides. This is "getting in tune with the target person". The more neutral you are, the more easily the Higher Self will be able to manifest his or her answers.

Before you start, ask your friend's Higher Self for permission to participate in the exercise. Be sure that you get a clear "yes" via the feet.

Now let your friend select the question. Let your friend ask the question aloud. Concentrate on the question and open your mind to whatever answer that may come.

Now check the feet and write down the answer.

Once you get the hang of it, ask a whole series of questions.

If you clear your mind of all conscious preoccupations, if you ask serious questions and if you give yourself enough learning time, your Higher Self will definitely manifest him/herself through these muscle tests. No question about it. Both tests are difficult to influence consciously, particularly the foot length test, so anyone who is serious about seeking the help of the Higher Self will in time get some honest answers.

The fundamental mode of operation is basically the same as with the pendulum. You calm down your conscious thinking and your emotions, and you invite that intelligent part of your psychology to emerge which usually stands by passively, watching you go through your life. When all these conditions are right, your Higher Self will definitely come out and communicate with you. And the day it tells you something which you hadn't expected and which then turns out to be right, that will be the day you know conclusively that you have opened a joyful bridge of communication with your Higher Self.


At the end of a consultation, the crucial point is always, can you trust these answers? The only response is: double-check. A consultation without verification is about as safe as emptying a whole bottle of wine and driving home without the seat belts on.

You now have two totally independent yes-no communication tools with the Higher Self, the pendulum and muscle testing. Use both to check your answers.

Check 1: Redo all the questions, one by one, with the heels. Write down the second set of answers and compare it with the original answers.

Check 2: Redo all the questions with the pendulum. Write down the answers and compare them with the muscle test answers.

Check 3: On all the questions where you got a difference, talk things over with your friend and find out why you got a difference. Ask supplementary questions if necessary. Clear up all differences.

At the end of the consultation, both you and your friend should have an absolutely clear understanding of what the messages from the Higher Self were.

Summary and outlook

As I write this down, it all seems so simple, and I wonder why so few of my friends use these communication tools with the Higher Self. Once one uses these tools on an everyday basis, they become as easy as brushing one's teeth. You have a question, you pick up your pendulum, you concentrate on getting the answer from the Higher Self, you respect and verify your answer, and there you are.

For questions you want to solve with your partner, husband or wife, you find a moment to check out your foot responses. You always do your work with full honesty and in total openness towards whatever responses you may receive from the Higher Self. It's simple, rapid, easy to do. Why should it be so difficult? Why don't more people use this type of consultation?

Part of the problem is the "weirdness factor". In many families, there is only one family member who "believes" that one can get good and useful answers in this manner. If you share this blog with others in the family, that might help a bit.

Another part is our 3D egoism, which we are about to leave behind in our ascension to 5D. Our 3D egoism suggests to us that we already have all the answers that really count, and that we don't really need any advice from the Higher Self. As we graduate to a 5D existence, we understand that there are always many different ways of seeing something, and that the Higher Self perspective may give us some exceptionally useful insights. I have much hope that with the ascension of larger segments of our society, much will start to change in this respect. Whole portions of our society will seek greater contact with our spiritual partners, and through them, with our divine source. More will simply pick up a pendulum or do a little experimenting with foot lengths, and will come away with some pleasant surprises.

And with that, the "weirdness factor" will begin to dissipate, and many more of us will welcome the richness and wisdom of perspectives that were not born in our own minds. I look forward to that day.


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