Do our dreams contain messages from the Beyond?

Many of us remember the Old Testament story in which the Pharao dreamt that seven lean cows ate seven fat cows (Genesis 41), a dream which was interpreted by Joseph to mean that seven lean years would follow seven rich years and would consume the gains of the preceding rich years. According to the Bible, this interpretation turned out to be true. Ample stores were made during the seven rich years, and Egypt was spared a period of great scarcity during the subsequent seven difficult years.

fat cows   lean cows

Seven fat cows

Seven lean cows


Powerful and drastic dreams like this are not uncommon. Most of us have had dreams that were powerful, mysterious and/or upsetting. When waking up we wondered if they held a deeper meaning.

The answer is not easy and it is highly individual. There is no standard dream interpretation dictionary. Most dream elements relate to personal context and to individual experiences. Few dreams are clear, most present a jumbled mishmash of ill-digested daily experiences. Usually, it is difficult to make out any clear counsel or message from "the other side".

However, some dreams are very clear and seem to tell us something specific. When I started meditating more often after retirement, I got more and more of these clear dreams. Dream specialists often recommend writing down one's dreams, so I decided that I would write down a dream if it was particularly clear, if it followed a linear development, if I had felt a certain amount of autonomy, and if I sensed that there was some message. That I would call a "lucid dream", which I would take the time to write down.

Once I started noting my lucid dreams, they came ever more frequently. Many were personal in nature, since they pointed out a personal failing or dealt with a private frustration.

Lucid dreams with a message from the Higher Self

Some lucid dreams were clearly set up as a learning situation. I remember a dream which taught me a tough lesson and where my Higher Self, Melkiades, played a clear directing role.

The scene was entirely realistic. I was a young pilot and I met a potential employer in front of a large hangar. I met this gentleman right on the steps of the building. Once we had said hello, I accompanied him around the large building, past some open hangars. Inside we saw some really nifty high-class air-planes which any pilot would just love to fly. I was obviously hoping to pilot one of these planes.

We finally went through some doors, where we met another pilot. I was on my best behaviour and greeted him cheerfully. However, I did not greet the air-plane mechanic who was a few steps behind the pilot. Then the employer and I went back around the building to our point of origin on the steps.

Now came the tough part of the dream. At this point I found out that the employer was in fact my Higher Self. He was now behind me and he had me move some distance away from the building into a bird perspective. He asked me go back to the moment where I greeted the pilot, but did not greet the mechanic. Telepathically, my Higher Self asked me if anything was wrong in the situation. It took me a second or two. When I became aware of my careless and haughty attitude towards the mechanic, he let me know that the air-plane mechanic was in many ways the most important person of all, and that I should become more respectful of everyone involved in the enterprise. Under these circumstances, I was told that I was not yet eligible to pilot one of the choice planes that were waiting in the hangar.

This dream was very direct and very personal. It hit right in the stomach. After waking up I thought a long time about whether I have been fair to everyone around me, or whether I needed some more lessons in humility.

Although in real life, I had never seen that scene, the dream was so realistic that I could actually have been there. I could go back there today and repace each step. Also, I have never wanted to pilot a commercial plane or one of the small luxury liners that I saw in the hangar, and the basic set-up of a job interview for a pilot job was total invention. I conclude that Melkiades and his team either created all of this complex film set just for me, or that they had me visit one of their standard teaching sets for this lesson. Melkiades says that the set-up was created just for me. The more you think about the sophistication of this scene, the more you are impressed with the richness contained in a lucid dream. It is 3D virtual life pushed to the extreme.

Intensive lessons and auto-observation

Lucid dreams are a step up from the pendulum, muscle testing and the I Ching. In pure intensity and impact, this is a more challenging manner of meeting one's Higher Self. However, I suspect that we get the lessons that we are ready for. I got my "tough" lesson only at a point in life where I could fully understand and appreciate the lesson.

As denizens of the fifth dimension, we can probably appreciate the privilege of being offered such powerful lessons. We know that the Higher Self means no harm and that he/she/it goes carefully about the job of teaching us a lesson. Notice that Melkiades simply asked me to look again at a delicate and crucial moment in this invented scene. He did not preach or grandly insist on giving a lesson. But right in the dream, he led me to understand that I had been negligent, and he indicated the consequences of my actions.

As a former teacher, I applaud his didactic style.

The learning that we take away from all this is the importance of auto-observation. It matters little what exactly you need to learn. In my case it was a lesson of humility, in some other case it might be a lesson of tolerance, or whatever. The important detail is in who does the teaching. My Higher Self, Melkiades, didn't blame me, but he directed my attention to what happened. When I saw what I'd done, when the words "respectful of everyone in the enterprise" rang in my ears, and when I understood the consequences of not getting the job and not being able to fly one of those air-planes -- when I put all those elements together, that's when I learned my lesson.

And that shows the amazingly good teaching that the Higher Self is capable of.

A lucid dream

The preceding dream had been intensely personal. Some dreams also point out some general truths. Here is one example. It shows how a message can be embedded in a complete story.

I was the chief of a small military lookout in a Roman outpost on a small hill. We were experiencing a very bad assault. Enemy troops seemed to be streaming from all over the valley into our encampment. Our troops were totally out-manned, and we were being badly massacred. I saw men falling everywhere on our sentinel and in our camps.

Our troops from the valley were looking at me. Angrily and with fear in their eyes, they were wondering why we hadn’t warned them about this situation. I was head of the outpost, and I had to tell them what had happened.

I said, “We knew that the enemy force was totally superior. We saw it and I told the commander what was happening. And I know that he told the generals. But here is what I heard.

“The generals in our area got so scared about us failing to hold this part of the Roman Empire that they didn’t send any messengers to Rome. They were ashamed and they feared for their own advancement. So no one told Rome about the danger, and no one sent for reinforcements. So this is why we are in this massacre.

“So now it's up to us to do what we can. Fight and hold together. Some of us will make it and some will not.”

From our outpost, we watched the battle and we helped where we could. Our force collapsed under the onslaught. We could see thousands and thousands of valiant men fall in the massacre. Many good friends were lost in that long and terrible night.

That night we learned everything we ever needed to know about life and death – and about the veritable courage of our generals. The last image I had of the battle was a horrible sight of carnage and fire all over the valley. Myself, I was now floating over a neighbouring mountain looking down on the scene. I sensed that I had also left my body.

A good Hollywood script

That was a horrible story with great impact, like the preceding dream. I woke up, disturbed and wondering why I had been given this dream. It satisfied my definition of a lucid dream. It was clear, linear, I had felt as if I could move at will, and it seemed to hold a message.

The context was new to me, it was that of imperial Rome. It felt that the scene could have taken place in Northern Africa during the Punic wars. In my dream I had been there, fully alive. I was fiercely Roman, a minor officer in charge of an outlook post.

The dream was very intense. I remembered the battle as if it was yesterday. I was on that promontory overlooking an open valley on one side and a closed valley on the other. Our troops were camped in greyish looking tent areas in the closed valley and the battle was going on right at that moment. There were screams among the fire, and enemy soldiers were fighting it out with our troops.

What did this have to do with my present self, living in Europe two thousand years later? Where was the message?

Of course this could have been a previous life. But actually, Melkiades tells me that this was not a previous life, at least not mine. He tells me that the objective was simply to show me how decisions of some higher-ups could affect people that are in their charge. I thought about the sickening excuse of the Roman generals, and then I saw a connection between the dream and the current world situation.

Modern bungling and a link

In fact, I had the dream in December 2010, the night after learning about the massive modification of the Gulf Stream, due to the oil spill in the Mexican Gulf in the previous summer. I had read about the highly questionable decision of drilling in that specific area, about the incredible bungling in the attempts to stop the catastrophe and about the lackadaisical attitude predominating in the clean-up effort. This catastrophe was bringing an incredibly bad start to the winter in the British Isles and to northern Europe, and it promised extensive long-term environmental effects.

Naturally, I entertained critical thoughts about the politicians and high officials who were responsible for all this bungling -- if it was bungling at all. Some of the authors I was reading nurtured the idea that the entire catastrophe had been set up voluntarily, to damage crops on two continents and to poison marine life in the entire Atlantic Basin -- all as part of a machination in some global power politics.

I made the link. The whole point of the dream was that the Higher-Ups were were of no help at all, neither in Rome nor here in the 21st century. The Roman generals who didn't ask for reinforcements because they were afraid for their careers present an obvious parallel to the higher-ups who were (apparently) bungling the oil-spill clean-up. There was bungling there, and there is bungling here.

Perhaps the dream went even further. It also suggested that high-level bungling comes in many colours. Some may be intentional, as some of the authors have suggested. Some more may also be related to the presence of incompetent and fearful senior personnel.

We often do not suspect our superiors to be fearful. We may have to revise our opinions.

Wish and intent

Lucid dreams are like the commercial-free parts of our dream world: in contrast to the jumbled mishmash of regular dreams, they present a coherent story line with a message. From what I can see in my own lucid dreams, the contexts are largely invented, even though they borrow elements from our real lives to catch our interest and to render the message more appealing.

This interdimensional communication tool opens a much richer window than the preceding tools -- the pendulum, muscle testing and the I Ching. On the surface, it seems that this comes at the cost of voluntary control. With the other tools, you decide when you want to talk to your Higher Self, and with lucid dreams, the decision is in the hands of the Higher Self. But this is not entirely so. We can also express a wish to have a lucid dream at the next convenient moment, or even a lucid dream about a certain topic. This intent is heard and will be taken into account, in a manner that will be appropriate for you. In lucid dreams, you may not be able to control what comes next in the film you're watching, but you can suggest the type of film that you'd like to watch.

This is in fact how much advanced spiritual learning occurs. As you go through your learning, you notice that you need instruction in a certain direction. First you do your human best to learn what you can. Then you open your mind and you ask your Higher Self for an appropriate lucid dream. Then you get some real rest. Once your biologically required sleep time is taken care of, if you have some sleeping time left, chances will be excellent that you'll have a dream that will get you further in your learning process. Your wish and your intent are directly related to the lucid dreams that you have. Your intent is the powerhouse behind the spiritual learning that you'll get.



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