Many of us experience a profound desire to communicate with our inner, deeper and most spiritual self. We can now satisfy this desire with an interactive meditation.

For some of us, the desire to talk to our inner self reaches back into our childhood. When we were children, many of us had imaginary, or "make-believe friends". One study showed that 65% of all children have imaginary friends at one point or another in their childhood1. For a long time this was seen as a sign of loneliness, but newer studies have not supported such an interpretation. Instead a Yale study showed that children who have make-believe friends are more imaginative, develop richer and fuller vocabularies, and get along better with their class mates than children who do not have imaginary friends. So it appears that children of all ages interact quite happily with their fantasy friends, an experience that seems to prepare them well for social life later on.

Real spiritual guides

Of course, these traditional studies did not explore the possibility that our "extra childhood friends" may actually have some real existence. Such a thought only arises when one considers how our Higher Selves interact with us adults. Could a child's "make-believe friend" be more than just a handy imaginary chum to blame if something goes wrong? Might these youngsters communicate telepathically with their Higher Selves? At that age, they are not yet as language-oriented as we become in adulthood, and they may be receptive for internal messages from their inner self. There are anecdotes about how some children see and communicate with spiritual entities during the first five years of their lives.

During adult life, our guides have more explicit ways of making their presence known. Sometimes we have exceptional experiences that suggest that "someone special" protects us. I had a severe car accident at age 30, and within minutes of crashing head-on into a rock face in a sudden rain storm, a nurse was professionally holding my smashed-up face together. Without her, I might have bled to death right there. Was that just a coincidence? Normally, we won't know. Nearly everyone has some story of exceptional luck to tell and it is always difficult to know if it was simply a coincidence. But now that we can ask the Higher Self with the pendulum or with muscle testing, we can find out if a higher hand was involved. Melkiades says today that the nurse's sudden presence at the accident scene was not a coincidence, that there was a higher wish involved.

This of course poses the question of why my time was not yet up when I was 30. Why was I given another chance to live? This is a question that I have pondered many times since then. It contributed to making psychology, communication and interactions with the Higher Self the central focus of my life later on.

Many also experience premonitions. A voice inside ourselves may warn us of some unpleasant or dangerous experience that is about to happen. In extreme danger, some even have an "angelic" experience in which they are physically moved out of danger, just in time to avoid great injury or death2. At those moments, we are powerfully reminded of the power of divine intervention.

Moving on in life, the visual appearance of spiritual entities becomes more frequent as we approach death. Persons who are in their last dying days sometimes wake up and see their relatives waiting for them at the end of the bed. Also, people who go through near-death experiences (NDEs) tell us of angelic beings that receive and guide them during their period away from their body. After they return to life, many such persons are so deeply impressed by their experience that they readily accept the presence of spiritual guides in their lives.3

Do we have a connection point to the divine world?

At all stages of life, from childhood to late stages of life, spiritual guides make themselves felt. So why can't you ask them some questions? In fact, you can. Interactive meditation permits you to interact with your Higher Self nearly as if you were in a direct consultation with your Higher Self.

I will tell you how this is done and I'm sure you'll find it quite amazing. It goes well beyond what one finds in everyday psychological clinics today. I presented this procedure in 2012 to a large group of professional psychologists, and nearly all of them shook their heads in disbelief. Many thought I was totally off my rocker. Others suggested that my clients could be delusional, or that the interactive meditation procedure would favour the creation of delusional states. This is as far from the truth as imaginable. Nearly all my clients have been wonderfully healthy, mostly younger clients who wished to reach into their deepest selves before making some major life decision.

So before I go much further, let me direct a few words to my professional colleagues in psychology.

We know that some people have various types of illusion that are totally bizzarre and inappropriate. Part of their experience may be that they "hear voices that tell them what to do", and then they see no alternative than to follow these voices. This is clearly a profound disorder and these persons need careful professional attention. The persons who might profit from an interactive meditation experience are quite the opposite. They are healthy adults who have reached a high level of maturity, who have some personal concern, and who wish to hear the opinion of their deepest inner self. After consulting their inner self, what we call the "Higher Self", they make their own reasoned decision about which course of action to follow.

Persons who show delusional behaviour, on the other hand, should never undertake an interactive meditation session, and no such session should be offered to them.

The other major issue preoccupying clinical psychologists is simply the novelty of this approach. The hypothesis of an entity wiser than ourselves communicating with us is still difficult to conceive of. It still meets total rejection in dominant scientific circles, at least in western Europe and in the English-speaking world.

I see this as part of a wider historical development. Some 150 years ago, lack of information and a profound fascination with newly emerging inventions moved science and the world it dominated into a predominantly materialist position. Currently, tendencies are slowly reversing. Thanks to many factors -- much more extensive research results, much wider publication channels, extensive personal experimentation as well as wide-spread interactions via Internet -- we are revising the evidence. What were "fantasies" and "illusions" about the spiritual presence in our lives just two decades ago are now becoming real hypotheses, even real probabilities, examined by exacting scientific experiments (think of the Scole experiments4).

In fact, I know a number of professional psychologists world wide who are considering that spiritual guides may really exist, be part of every one of us, and that they can communicate with us through an interactive meditation. Those of us who have directed interactive meditations find out through our work that these entities within us may quite possibly represent our very own connection point to a divine world. And that seems the crux of the matter: It is not the divine world that is in question. The existence of a divine world is barely contested; it has many adherents among nearly all peoples of the world. The issue is whether we humans do carry within us a connection, or channeling point, to a divine world, capable of making its opinions heard though our very own voice.

We say that nearly everyone can, and that is simply tremendous. The position defended here is simply that all of us have such a deeper connection, and that all of us can make that source heard through our voice, and that indeed, this inner connection can be bettered through training. We propose in short that all of us can become our very own channellers.

His Master's Voice

This message is spreading world-wide, through spiritual groups, social media and video upload systems like YouTube. So it isn't really surprising that many people would like to encounter their Higher Self directly by becoming their own channellers. They would like to meet their Higher Self and hear their "master's voice", in a quasi-biblical encounter with the divine beings that accompany us.

Dolores CannonThis is now possible to do, essentially at will. Forty years ago, an enterprising American psychologist discovered a way to let the Higher Self speak directly to us in a deep state of meditation. Her name is Dolores Cannon (left). You may have heard of her. Many of her public talks have been put on YouTube and on other video channels, and she has written 18 volumes based on transcriptions of some of the most extraordinary interactive "dialogues" she has had during her 40+ years of holding sessions. In the thousands of inductions she has held since the 1960's, she's received many exceptional stories about what clients experience when they are in these profound meditation states.5

For example, when some of her clients were in a state that permits "channelling", they spoke as beings who have incarnated "to help Earth through the current difficult times". She has received so many of these reports that in her third Convoluted Universe volume6 and in a special volume7, she provides transcriptions of what these "three waves of volunteers" have come to do on Earth. She also indicates how one can distinguish such volunteer souls from other souls8. In other exceptional stories, Dolores Cannon says that she has communicated in this manner with Nostradamus, with Jesus and even with alien beings, and that she has received much information about the origins of our planet and other important scientific topics.

As interesting as they are, these exceptional sessions should not be considered "normal sessions". Dolores Cannon admits readily in her books and on video that these have been rather unusual accounts, and that by far most "inner-voice" communications come from normal clients who face the typical problems that everyone faces. But even these exchanges can turn out to be exceptional. When a client needs an answer on an everyday problem, the channelled voice generally takes a detached and wise position and directs the client to clear, solid and workable solutions. In reviews of the responses after their induction, clients often say that in their normal conscious state, they wouldn't have given the same response, and that they were pleased to receive this new perspective on the problem.

Normal clients become exceptional cases

The "inner voice" thus seems to know more than the "outer voice" of a conscious state. Many times, inner voices reveal information about the original causes of the clients' psychological or physical problems, and oftentimes, these causes lie in previous lives. In a typical example given by Dolores Cannon, one of her clients wondered about a medically unexplained chronic pain in one of his shoulders. The inner voice explained that this was due to the fact that in a previous life, the client had lost his life in a sword battle and that he was struck mortally on that same shoulder. Once the original cause was clear, Dolores Cannon asked the Higher Self if the chronic pain could now be relieved or removed. And indeed, the chronic pain disappeared permanently in that same interactive meditation session.

And here comes the absolutely amazing part. Apparently, such "spontaneous remissions" are so frequent that in recent years, most of Dolores Cannon's clients have been cancer patients trying to combat their illness with interactive meditations. According to what I heard informally in a seminar with Dolores Cannon, a great many of her clients have shown outstanding long-term results.

I personally have seen just one such spectacular "spontaneous remissions" case, a client who also was a participant in a Dolores Cannon training class. It was a woman who had been badly abused by several men, who was now divorced and was in serious custody battles for her children. She was not well. She had developed a chronic neck pain, a huge growth on her left side and strong abdominal pains.

During the interactive meditation session, a very different voice came to the fore and explained that she was one of the souls that came into this world to help us set it right. She had taken on these enormous sufferings in order to understand the pains that some women experience in the current world. But right now in this session was the time that she should understand her real mission. Now that her antecedent history and her purpose in life was clear, she had the opportunity to start an entirely different life and to help others find betterment.

That apparently became a key transition point of her life. After explaining these connections, her inner guides proceeded spontaneously to eliminate her neck pain, to deflate her growth and to alleviate her abdominal pain. When the client came out of the session, she was exhilarated. Her neck and abdominal pain were gone, and her growth was noticeably reduced. The recovery carried on into the autumn when I first had an email contact with her, and it was confirmed a year later in a second email exchange. The experience had led her to begin an entirely new, much better life in totally new circumstances.

Holding an interactive meditation

The key difference in Dolores Cannon's inductions is that she holds sessions for prolonged periods of time. They typically last more than two hours, often up to four hours. On the surface, these are fairly normal meditations in which clients visualize meaningful experiences "that feel right" to them. They are spontaneously guided meditations, quite the opposite of the pointed or blanked-out meditations that one would do in Zen practice. Facilitators simply ask their clients to describe their experiences in as much detail as possible, so that everything can be recorded on tape and that the clients' varied questions can be answered. Facilitators get as many relevant details as possible, and guide the clients gently towards more and more meaningful answers.

What begins as a normal, free-flow meditation often ends up in a very profound spiritual experience, that is, an encounter with the Higher Self. Dolores Cannon originally found that clients entered these encounters spontaneously and suddenly began to speak with a different type of voice. The attitude, the perspective, the voice and even the gender of the voice often changes profoundly. Instead of the normal voice of the client, one can hear an exceptionally competent person who matter-of-factually talks about the client's experiences in previous lives, and who puts the client's current life into a much larger perspective. One clue emerges quite regularly: clients often refer to themselves in the 3rd person ("he/she did this or that"). Also when asked directly, clients willingly say that they are not expressing the client's conscious opinions, but the opinions of their “subconscious”, their “Higher Self”, or sometimes, a "higher being".

When the client comes out of the session, they have generally lost track of time. More time has gone by than they think. This is often related to their degree of "connection" to their inner voice. Many clients have no clue of what the inner voice said during the session. Some others followed the inner voice's comments in a sort of half-daze. Yet other clients experience the inner comments quite consciously. It would seem that the latter are by and large experienced meditators, or those who have had some other experiences with altered states of consciousness. In any case, listening to the recording after the session generally provides many additional insights.

From the 5D perspective

It is clear that interactive meditations provide interesting insights and experiences. Clients often experience that persons close to them in their current life (parents, children, spouses, close friends) appear to them as soul entities from previous lives. Often, current life experiences turn out to have a long-term purpose of solving some unattended business from a previous life. Similarly, injuries, medical difficulties and professional handicaps in the current life can quite often be related to severe events that took place in a previous life. And finally, the revelations of such antecedent events, together with the realization that the current life has nothing to do with previous life conflicts, often lead to physical relief from current physical discomforts.

All of this seems to touch on miraculous charlatan experiences when seen from a 3D perspective. But to a 5D mind, they are not as absurd, because in 5D, large-scale connections can be understood which appear invisible to a 3D mind. Reincarnation and the large cycle of life is one such larger, integrative concept. Once that hurdle is taken, pain in this life resulting from experiences in a previous life becomes quite conceivable.

Then there are only two more conceptual steps. First we need to admit to ourselves that our current life is an entirely new life offered to our reincarnated soul, and that it owes nothing at all to our previous lives. The 5D life that is already in us, with all of its creative power, grants us the freedom to generate an entirely new life perspective, one of joy, honesty and personal self reaffirmation. We can thus free ourselves from the shackles of old and outdated handicaps and look at life with entirely new eyes.

Then comes the final step. In this 5D recreation of our current life existence, we can also admit to ourselves that we have the power to heal ourselves, as much and as rapidly as real and physical circumstances will permit. Our inner selves know how to regenerate any part of our body, and they can both tell us what to do and help us do the job. Sometimes such a "spontaneous recovery" can be rapid, and sometimes it can take quite a bit more time, depending on our psychological and physical state. But if the will is there, and if the body still has enough regenerative biological resources, some surprising recoveries are possible.

And all of that is just an incredible perspective. Isn't 5D life just fabulous?



[Verification: Melkiades, are you in agreement with the text as it stands? Answer: Yes. Can I put it on Internet as the next chapter? Answer: Entirely agreed.]

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4 It is said in science that if you want to demonstrate something unusual, you'd better have some unusually strong arguments. It has long been difficult to argue in favour of "communication with the other side", but this has become much easier in the last few years. Here is a report about an exceptionally solid experiment of interdimensional communication: YouTube "The Afterlife Investigations - Movie Feature - The Scole Experiments"

5 Dolores Cannon uses the term "hypnosis" which I avoid. Hypnosis is widely associated with stage hypnosis where people are commonly asked to perform demeaning tasks. Also, in strongly catholic areas and throughout the Hispanic world, hypnotic practices are frowned upon (they were even illegal under Franco). By contrast, nearly all cultures of the world have different types of meditative practice, and it is easy to see that Dolores Cannon inductions are in fact nothing else than a specific form of meditation.

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