When I was about 5 years old, I had a powerful dream. I was flying over the countryside together with some birds. It was absolutely wonderful and as real as anything I had ever experienced while awake.

Melki at 5When I awoke, I looked at some birds flying high over the top of some nearby poplar trees. I felt that I'd been with them just minutes before. Then I realized that I had had several other flying dreams. "Is flying possible?", I wondered. I reasoned that if I could fly in my dreams, flying must also be possible while awake, just by stretching out my arms. I remember going through this logic quite vividly (left, at age 5).

Many children have flying dreams1, but the next part suggests some early scientific aptitude. True to this deep insight of mine, I mounted on the chest next to the bed and threw myself on the bed, arms outstretched, not just once, but at least five times. The last time I jumped, I hurt myself on my knee, which caused me to stop and question my convictions2.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and started thinking: "So. What you dream is not the same as 'awake reality'?" Right there, the difference between the thought world and the real world began to dawn on me. From that moment onwards, I understood that what people think or dream, or what they tell you as stories, is not always what is physically possible. Over time this became the realization that Santa Claus is none other but your uncle with a white beard and a red hat, a discovery which over the decades muted into the adult conviction that pretty much every tall story around is probably invented -- even many of those that came with so-called "scientific proofs" to back them up.

Channelling and automatic writing

Dürer-like drawingSo when I first heard about channelling in university, I was reminded of my flight dreams: "Yes, and humans can fly by stretching out their arms?" Channelling sounded totally unbelievable to my undergraduate scientific mind. But my eyes opened wide when around 1975 I saw some impressive films about automatic writing and automatic drawing. I saw a woman transcribing messages from a whole series of more or less well-known authors, each in a different handwriting and most of them written extremely rapidly.

More impressive yet were the demonstrations of automatic drawing by Matthew Manning, done at the The New Horizons Research Foundation in Toronto for a television programme3. The film showed Matthew (who was 19 at the time) creating, in real time, an entire, detailed and sophisticated drawing, supposedly coming from Albrecht Dürer, and that in just a few minutes. The picture was absolutely perfect in its proportions and it was done in the fine line style that Dürer used (left 4).

Dürer, detailThat was a clincher. The speed was amazing. I had seen some very good drawers work in numerous art fairs, including some very fast and impressive drawers I saw on Montmartre in Paris. Matthew was at least twice as fast as the best "natural drawer" I'd seen, and it was clearly not a time-lapse film5. Matthew used one style for one supposed artist, and an entirely different style for another drawing coming supposedly from a totally different artist. No human that I had ever seen could change styles so fast and so radically. Finally, it is important to note that Matthew had little art training and normally showed no particular artistic talent.

All this supported the programme's suggestion that some extraordinary interdimensional communication must be taking Dürer, Melancholyplace. Perhaps it was indeed true that the drawer's hand was directed by some spiritual entity. Someone showing exceptional but clearly human artistic talent works quite differently5.

But did this validate the interdimensional origins of automatic writing and of other channelled material, i.e., oral transmissions of information coming from "the other world"? It was important to take into account what automatic drawers, automatic writers and oral channellers experience in interdimensional transmissions.

Figures. Top: An Albrecht Dürer-like picture from Matthew Manning's hand. Middle: Fine-line drawing style, from Albrecht Dürer's Melancholy I. Bottom: Melancholy I (from Wikipedia).

What channellers experience

Many years later, I got to know a channeller in Barcelona. His channeller name (not his legal name) is "Puente" ("bridge"), and he has transmitted messages from a group of interdimensional beings for some 30 years. You can find collections of his messages on www.tseyor.com.
When Puente speaks normally, he talks fast and easily, often jokingly, like any other educated Spaniard. When he transmits interdimensional messages, he takes on a faraway look and speaks in slow and clearly accented Spanish. When I asked him how he got his messages, he said that words prStella Harksesent themselves on a sort of an inner screen which he then reads and pronounces out loud.

When I tried channelling, I had a similar experience. When Melkiades asked me: "Can you hear me?", I saw myself standing in a shopping mall looking through a window, together with another person to my left, reading words that appeared in front of me. This is very unusual, because I never go window shopping, and certainly not for reading messages.

There are also extended documents of people doing automatic writing. The Australian TV show "The Extraordinary" (ended 1996) shot a remarkable interview with an English retired school teacher and automatic writer called Stella Harks (left), which found its way into YouTube6. Not only was she able to take down 2000 words an hour and complete an entire novel in a day, but she also communicated with some of the great authors of history: Charles Dickens (some Signature comparison700 pages), Noel Coward, Thomas Hardy and Alfred Hitchcock.

She says that her experiences started spontaneously one night when she found that her hand had written something on a page while watching TV. Since then she had transcribed various authors for some 20 years. Some wrote about as fast as one would read a book, some others wrote more smoothly. Stella Harks did not know how a novel would end, she would find out only when she herself wrote the last page.

Each of the authors used his own handwriting style. On one occasion, she channelled a message from a recently departed neighbour, and the signature she obtained showed a close resemblance to the former neighbour's actual signature (left).

Interdimensional communication etiquette, and they and us

The different drawing and handwriting styles show that the communicators "on the other side" maintain strong character traits. Charles Dickens seems to be so devoted to his art that he not only transmitted some 700 pages to Stella Harks, but also sent previous passages to two 19th-century mediums.7

Some interdimensional communicators can be quite demanding. Noel Coward, for example, said to Stella Harks quite haughtily, "Put your work down and don't get in a temper! Go for a walk up to Whitsy Park, and you're through with me." When she walked up to Whitsy Park, she was halted by a violent wind. This forced her to find an old theatre programme for a performance of -- "Blythe Spirit" by Noel Coward. An earthly departure apparently does not change a person's character right away. Daryl Miller of the The Los Angeles Times had characterized the man in this way: "Noel Coward was sophistication personified--a society playboy dressed in Saville Row's finest and a haughty smirk."8

All this raises questions about interdimensional communications etiquette, and about the entities that we wish to contact. I certainly would not like to be told by Noel Coward to go get lost after having patiently transcribed his texts. Also, there are even less desirable entities who like to play tricks on us earthly communicators, who like to scare us (it's happened to me), make us run in circles or even wish to possess us outright. Good common sense must dominate when we choose communication partners.

I personally communicate nearly exclusively with my Higher Self, Melkiades. From working with him for many years, I know that he is a totally trustworthy and consistent observer who respects me deeply and who knows my development path and my real-world constraints. He'd better, because he is also a part of me.

Occasionally, I contact someone else's Higher Self, for example to set something right or to offer help. But then I always ask first if the communication and the help are welcome. It isn't always. Sometimes the other person is in a pickle or is simply too preoccupied to let their Higher Self chat away with me. Then I wait for a more opportune time.

Channeller and channelled entities

I think it is important that we humans be very clear about where we stand. We are currently in an incarnated existence, and we have nothing to be ashamed of. Human existence is not easy. Most of us try to do our very best, despite many handicaps.

If we are sure that we are talking to the right entity, our communication can certainly be beneficial. We get access to new perspectives on life, from which we can learn, get solace and get inspired -- and sometimes even get healed. All that is wonderful.

But if we are careless and become the outlet of some disrespectful or malicious entity, we may have to struggle long and hard to come out of that domination. Possessions are really not funny, and even minor affronts are not pleasant, such as that by the departed Noel Coward (died 1973).

AlMyersso, there is the danger of a strong identification with the channelled entity. Clearly I am impressed with the extensive knowledge that Melkiades shows me, by his foresight and his moral judgement. At the same time, I am not he. I am Melki and I am on my own learning path. Through my experimentations I might even learn something that Melkiades isn't aware of, and then the relationship could become mutually beneficial.

Frederick W. Myers (1843-1901, left, Wikipedia), a pioneer psychical researcher and one of the founders of the Society for Psychical Research, may have well summarized the paradoxical complexity of channelling and automatic writing. In April 1972, Matthew Manning, the gifted automatic drawer, received an automatic writing message, purported to come from Myers. It read:

"You should not really indulge in this unless you know what you are doing. I did a lot of work on automatic writing when I was alive and I could never work it out. No one alive will ever work out the whole secret of life after death. It pivots on so many things – personality, condition of the physical and mental bodies. Carry on trying though because, you could soon be close to the secret. If you find it, no one will believe you anyway." 9

In brief: How to channel

Fundamentally, channelling is not difficult. You simply write or say the first thing that comes to mind, and you continue till there is a natural stop. That's a technique at least as old as Freudian therapy.

The difficulty is not in doing that, but in assuring that the result comes from your deepest inner self, i.e., your Higher Self, and not from your conscious self. This is never easy, because our psychology is very complex and highly interconnected. Producing a message that is totally separated from conscious thought is difficult even for highly trained channellers.

You can do several things to improve the results. Here is a summary of the best suggestions I've found:

Come with prepared questions. Spend the time to prepare your questions beforehand. Write them down on paper or on the computer, so that you can just glance at them in the channelling phase.

Calm down your mind. Do a short meditation, like the 1-minute meditation. Better yet, a 15-minute meditation. In interactive meditations clients can get into a deep meditative state ready for inner-space exploration within about 15-20 minutes. That's what Dolores Cannon found in her sessions. When you are highly trained as a channeller, it takes a minimum of some 2-3 minutes to get into channelling mode. So when you do your own meditations, give yourself sufficient preparation time before starting with the channelling.

During your calming meditations, it's useful to use two mental tools. First imagine a large trash bin with a lockable top. Put all your worries into the bin. Some clients need a second bin for all the junk they carry with them. At the end, lock the trash can and keep the key.

Second, build a protective dome or tent around yourself -- including a bottom to protect the back. This is important not only to calm the mind, but it is also an effective protection against any spiritual intrusion from the outside. We should be shielded against intrusions on the spiritual plane.

In short: give yourself enough time, put your worries aside and protect yourself.

Loosen your tongue or your hand. When you're ready, simply "blabla" away. Start with nonsense syllables and say or write anything that appears spontaneously. With time, it will begin to make sense.

Verify with another technique. At the end, verify each question with the pendulum or other technique. Check if you've received everything correctly (you can score yourself from 1-10), also that you've received the full intended answer for each question.

If you do your channelling in this careful manner, you'll not only gain fluency but also full confidence that you are really receiving messages from your inner self. It remains that this is a fairly laborious technique. In common, everyday life I personally prefer the pendulum and the I Ching, and just use an "inner feel" for orienting the questioning initially. This gets me results much more rapidly.

Is channelled material really different from incarnate material?

Up to a point. Let's remember that we humans are not only limited in how we understand this incredibly complex universe, but also that we are here to learn our lessons. These are two reasons why much of what comes to us through channellers is not immensely revolutionary.

As the spiritual source of a good channeller friend said to us, they do not wish to give us blueprints for a technical innovation or new insight. But they are happy to give us impulses, feedback and alternate points of view on what we experience and for real questions that we may have. Some of these materials are so important that they could have major psychological and physical impacts on us.

Some channellers have regularly transmitted information about important upcoming discoveries that preceded the actual discoveries by a few months or years. Kryon is such a channeller. If you are really interested in following up this question of originality in channelled material, my suggestion would be to examine in detail Kryon's predictions and the related human discoveries.

From my perspective, I have received so much personally relevant information and multiple confirmations that I have ceased to question every detail of what they seem to offer me intuitively or via my interdimensional communication tools. I have a sense of what they will tell me, and of what I have to discover on my own. I have the tools to ask and ask again, and to verify the answers I get. So I personally have now turned away from channelling per se, and am oriented towards tasks that seem more important to functioning in a transitional 3D - 5D world.

But the fact that I have now satisfied my own questioning and have a systematic means of obtaining results from the Other Side should not prevent you from performing your own full verifications all along the way. My experiences are not yours, and you have to find your own inner clarity and obtain your own proofs. I still find that many of the tall, grisly or unbelievable stories that we are being fed every day are highly distorted or grossly misunderstood pieces of evidence, even if they come with so-called scientific proofs, or via channelling. It is one of the dire necessities of our existence to be doubly careful and to question all the suggestions and pieces of information that we are being offered.

That too is required baggage for our transition from 3D to 5D life.



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1 According to http://www.dreamflyer.net/flying/dreams10.html, "More than a third of the dreaming population reports having had at least one flying dream. And, if you have one, you're very likely to have more. Your chance of having a flying dream doubles if you are a lucid dreamer (you are able to become awake and aware as you dream)."

2 Later in the day, it also evoked some serious and uncomfortable questioning by the family's scientific committee, whose chairwoman was my mother.

3 Read more about Matthew Manning here:

The picture shown above was found in the first reference. It was not the drawing I saw Matthew Manning draw in the film.

4 From the drawing Melancholia I by Alfred Dürer:

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