by Melki and Melkiades

An easy-to-read handbook to 5D life.

The main topics are:

Is 5D for you?

Or are you already living in 5D?

Have a read and see where you are.

3D was a place to succeed, to perform, and to make money.

5D is a place of thought, understanding, emotion and joy.

Where would you rather be?

In both? Even that is possible. We are in a slow transition and there is space for both 3D and 5D at the same time, if you let go of a few things and make more room for some others.

This book was written, slowly, chapter by chapter, under these four headings. The creation of the book was not linear. Some chapters emerged ahead of their time, some manifested as new thoughts on existing material.

The material came in tune with my personal evolution. I wrote it down, I reflected on it a great deal, I made sure that it follows a logical rationale, I refined the text extensively, and then, when it was really ready, I put it in a place within the book where it seemed to fit.

Will the entire story ever be "published as a real book"? I doubt it and it's not important. What seems important is that all of us start thinking about these ideas right away. The more we participate in the discussion, and the more we try out and adopt new and more appropriate concepts, the better for all of us.

The actual experience counts far much more than sawing down another forest for another set of books full of paper, most of which would never be read.


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