In the previous chapter, we suggested that spiritual healing, prana healing and healing with the Chi force are probably all the same. Furthermore, we said that this form of healing could be examined with Kirlian photographs.

Let's continue this thread. What exactly is Chi?

Soft-spoken Frank Willis from the North-West of England is a spiritual healer as well as an accomplished Chi practitioner. He uses Chi both for healing and for his Tai Chi demonstrations. On-camera, he broke through 18 slabs of concrete with one hand stroke (Fig 1). He says that he can raise and lower the Chi in his body voluntarily by doing specific exercises (Fig. 2). He also says that he can accomplish such extraordinary feats only when he is in "high Chi". The screen shots below are taken from a YouTube video (

 Willis1Willis2 Willis3Willis4

Fig. 1. After performing a set of exercises to "gather Chi energy" (Fig. 2), Frank Willis breaks 18 massive cement blocks with a single "Chi-powered" blow. This demonstrates the potential power of the Chi force. Frank Willis is also a spiritual healer and uses his Chi force to help heal clients. Images in Figures 1, 2 and 3 are taken from "SUPERHUMAN 1/8 - Chi Energy Demonstration & Explanation" on YouTube.

 RaisingTheChi1  RaisingTheChi2 RaisingTheChi3 

Fig. 2. Prior to smashing the cement blocks at right, Frank Willis raises and lowers the Chi with a series of exercises. This process appears to raise his own internal temperature, because he first takes off his sweater and then his sweat shirt as he goes through the exercises.

 KirlianPhoto1 KirlianPhoto2 

Fig. 3. Fingerprints of Frank Willis taken with a Kirlian camera. At the left, Mr. Willis had put himself into a high Chi state and at right into a low Chi state.

In this documentary1 he explained that he actually preferred to use his Chi powers for healing. He says that he has a long series of satisfied customers for his healing skills.

Further on in this video it was also shown that his Chi states could be made visible with Kirlian photos. His finger tips passed much more Kirlian energy when he had "raised his Chi" than when he had "lowered" it (Fig. 3).

What does this video demonstrate?

This video confronts us directly with the entire scientific controversy surrounding the Chi force. We see that:

  • Chi can be used for both healing and self-defense purposes.
  • Chi masters clearly demonstrate exceptional self-defense capacities that are difficult to explain in familiar physical and physiological terms.
  • There are a great number of supportive testimonials to the Chi healing effect, not only from Frank Willis' patients, but from Chi-treated patients world wide.
  • There are various demonstrations with Kirlian photography and other devices that show "that there is something exceptional there".
  • Chi effects are just beginning to be examined by Western medicine. While first systematic demonstrations are showing encouraging healing effects for Chi-treated patients2, there remain great mysteries about why exactly the accelerated healing does occur.
  • By and large, Chi-based healing is not yet integrated into Western medicine.

We might just shrug our shoulders: OK, so what, we'll just see what develops. And furthermore, what does this have to do with spiritual ascension?

Our answer: A great deal.

The Chi force may well be the central energy source of spiritual healing. In this perspective, the more we open ourselves to this source, the more we strengthen our body's recuperative and regenerative capacities. Early indicators support this perspective, however we are fully aware that the full demonstration, explanation and acceptance of these effects is still a few decades away.

This is an exciting time, and it merits taking you through some of the key arguments surrounding the Chi force.

Does a Kirlian photograph show Chi?

To understand what the demonstration of "raised Chi" and "lowered Chi", as demonstrated by Kirlian photography means, let's briefly consider how Kirlian photography works.

Some 40 years ago, I built a simple Kirlian camera on the basis of a schema in a book called "The Kirlian Aura" (reproduced below3). This type of camera directs a high-frequency current through living tissue, then through photographic film to a metallic plate. It has been proposed that strong life forces in living tissue facilitate the transfer of electric power through the film, while low life forces act as resistors. The typical example is a fresh cut leaf. When it is still full of sap, a Kirlian image shows a strong outline of the leaf. As it dies, the image becomes weak.

Many people will say that this is because a humid leaf permits more electricity to pass than a dry leaf. But that doesn't explain the common observation with human finger prints where a healthy person typically leaves stronger finger prints and weaker prints when ill. Because an unhealthy person might be feverish and exude more humidity, we might have expected the inverse. But that's not the case.

More than that. As is habitual with Kirlian photography, certain points on Frank Willis' fingers were particularly strong facilitators of electrical conductivity, and high-frequency electricity flared through those spots. These points may thus have acted as the "meridians" known from Chinese medicine. We thus see another suggestion of a link with Chi force theory.

Does this mean that Kirlian photographs really show the effects of Chi? At this point, it is still difficult to say whether the Chi is truly imaged by Kirlian photography or not. Systematic research of Kirlian photography was essentially capped in the late 1970's, because the notion of an external Chi force did not fit the scientific paradigm of the time.

The interesting thing about Frank Willis remains that he can voluntarily change the strength of an electric transfer within a few minutes. We must of course assume that the pressure on the plate and the strength of the current going through his body were kept comparable. So it may indeed be possible that his voluntary raising and lowering of his Chi force did facilitate and diminish the electric conductivity in his finger tips. It may indeed be possible that the Chi force was manifested in these Kirlian photographs. It would be interesting to redo the experiment and measure moisture, pressure and voltage at the same time. We might then get closer to a competent answer to the question of whether Kirlian photography actually reflects the Chi force.

Cosmic or placebo effects?

But for a start, one can see even now that Chi manipulations produce more than just some "woo-woo" imaginary effects. At the very least, it is at least possible that some people can voluntarily affect electrical conductivity through their body with Chi exercises.

What is Chi then? Is it what most Chi/prana/spiritual practitioners would call it, some unknown, but extremely powerful force of cosmic origin that one can harness with the right form of exercise? Or is it nothing more than what sceptical western observers suggest, a subjective mental state of human origin, a "subconscious placebo force"?

This is a difficult counter argument.

A putative "cosmic force" is pitted against a putative "human subconscious force". Traditional psychology recognizes only placebo forces, where in certain conditions, the human mind might develop some powerful subconscious forces. By contrast, no human interface for cosmic forces is currently recognized or even envisaged. This question thus pits traditional psychological against unconventional, "esoteric" explanations. So before we go any further, we must find out where a placebo-oriented discussion would take us.

Placebo effects are subjective perceptions of objectively measurable bodily functions. Let's take an example: You're given a drug against a headache, which then dissipates quickly. Measures of tension in your neck muscles or some blood test confirm that you are objectively relieved of some physical correlates of what you experienced as a headache. However, you find out later that the drug was just a sugar pill. So your mind tricked you into believing that the pill had some headache-relieving properties which it didn't really have. Your belief about he pill tricked you into a physical recovery. Somehow, your subconscious mental state managed to influence your internal physiological state, and you were relieved of your headache.

Placebo effects are well known and widely replicated. They demonstrate that certain mental conditions can create powerful changes in the body, comparable to or surpassing those produced by chemical agents. Similarly, it could be argued that spiritual energy, Chi or pranic healing might be nothing more than a placebo pill. Chi exercises would create strong mental conditions that would produce physical effects. In other words, there might be no "Chi force" at all – it might all be a matter of one's beliefs motivating some subconscious action.

As a consequence, sceptics would say that before the Chi is credited with healing, care must be taken to eliminate or equalize placebo effects. In theory, the Chi force should demonstrably exceed whatever placebo effects there may exist. Only then can you claim, say the sceptics, that there exists a separate, possibly cosmic, Chi force.

Impossible and unessential experiment

Chi practitioners will strongly frown at this point. They will say that all this is a nice theoretical argument, but that it has no practical value at all.

They will say that you cannot really separate a person's mental (or placebo) effort from any serious effort at raising the Chi. The two are directly related. You can only learn to raise or lower your Chi if you're fully convinced of what you are doing.

Similarly, you need full voluntary powers on the part of the pranic healer and at least some openness to pranic healing in the client before any pranic healing can occur. It would be illusory to expect pranic healing without voluntary openness to the treatment on both sides.

With that, all western efforts of trying to separate Chi from placebo effects by treatment manipulations are flushed down the royal toilet. You simply cannot have Chi without firm mental conviction. According to many pranic practitioners, the whole exercise of separating the two is useless and a waste of time and money.

The real need

In fact, a Chi practitioner would argue that separating the Chi from placebo forces may be entirely beside the point. Instead of spending all the effort on finding out whether the Chi is really there or not, much more effort should be directed at the efficacy of various types of spiritual or placebo healing. Many people suffer serious illness, their daily functioning is badly reduced, and our thinking should go directly to their real needs, rather than to proving some theoretical arguments.

I think that this is a most reasonable position. If the effects are really systematic, practical application has priority over theoretical explanation.

Our energies would probably be better spent on finding out exactly under which circumstances certain approaches, entirely spiritual, partially spiritual or not spiritual at all may be better than others in relieving suffering. That's where the real human need lies4.

Also, it's very important not to trip over the terms used here. If the terms "spiritual", “Chi”, "prana" are too loaded for you personally, just use the terms "mental", or "placebo" for the time being. The latter two terms are less controversial and do not suggest an external or even intelligent spiritual agent in healing. Placebo effects can be used to advance research on non-chemically mediated forms of healing which many people desire, whether they believe in spiritual healing forces or not. It is more important that people regain their health than that some of us win some logical arguments.

Further analyses for those who can deal with them

So we've now set our priorities towards an open-minded position. We are sensitive to the distinct possibility that Chi forces promote health recuperation and regeneration, all while understanding that much more empirical work is needed in this field.

Now let us peek at some further indicators that external, possibly cosmic forces may be involved.

One of the curious indicators is "distance healing". Many Chi or "energy" healers maintain that they can perform treatments at a distance. Many trained complementary health providers are capable of obtaining exceptional detail on a health condition in a person that may be far removed. Edgar Cayce, the famous American healer of the first half of the 20th century, was capable of obtaining accurate and well-documented healing information for patients who were a continent away. How is this accomplished? What is it about the Chi force that permits this “distance-is-not-important” quality? While other factors are important in spiritual healing (see below), distance is apparently not. Some recent experiments may shed some light on this issue.

Some interesting results

Physicist Dr. Glen Rein has performed a number of experiments with spiritual healers ever since the 1980s. He described some recent investigations in a 2011 talk available as a YouTube video5.

In one experiment, he observed the effects that spiritual intention has on human DNA as well as on human nerve cells. For that, he placed human DNA or human nerve cells into a solution in a petri dish, and he measured electrical conductance in the solution. At the same time a spiritual healer a few meters away projected an intention in the direction of the solution.

In Fig. 4, one sees a negative response; positive responses were also observed. The responses occurred reliably after the projection of the intention.

 DNA graph  DNA nerve graph

Fig. 4. A negative response of the DNA solution to the emission of an intention by a spiritual healer. Illustrations in Figs. 4 – 8 are from the YouTube report referenced in footnote 5.

Fig 5. DNA and nerve cells were being recorded simultaneously. The conversation first touched upon AIDS and then on Alzheimer's disease. The two solutions responded selectively and appropriately to the conversational subject.

Most interesting was an experiment where both DNA and nerve cell solutions were being recorded concurrently, and where the conversation of the experimenters happened to touch upon two different themes. First, the conversation became quite emotional in a discussion about AIDS. This provoked a response in the DNA solution, but not in the nerve cell solution. Then, about 44 seconds later, the conversation turned to another emotional conversation about the experimenter's father who has Alzheimer's disease. In this case the nerve cells responded much more clearly than the DNA solution.

We retain: AIDS → DNA response, Alzheimer → nervous tissue response.

This is interesting, since AIDS propagates by invading human DNA, while Alzheimer's disease affects the nervous system. As incredible as it may sound, this observation suggests that the isolated human petri dish cultures might have picked up on the subject matter under discussion.

Glen Rein also did extended experiments where spiritual healers focused their energy on live lymphocyte (immune system) cells. Here is a summary list of his observations:

-- The projection of specific intentions either increased or decreased the synthesis of the lymphocytes' DNA.

-- Certain intentions were more effective than others.

-- Non-focused thought (as in mental healing) was not effective.

-- Love emitted without intention was ineffective.

-- When the healer worked with imagery, he was as effective as when he transmitted an intention.

-- The use of both imagery and intention, by those healers that were capable of such a combination, had additive effects.

Healers are better than machines and ingestive substances

Finally, Dr. Rein reported on a set of studies performed with the HearthMath group in Boulder, Colorado. Here, the purpose was to examine the capacity of influencing the degree of winding or unwinding of a DNA sequence (Figs. 6-8).

In this case, there were several spiritual healers, as well as an ingestive substance and a machine that is supposed to enhance DNA action. It turned out that the healers were best at slowing down DNA unwinding (if you like, causing a minute "anti-aging effect"), and that these experienced human healers had better results than either the chemical substance or the machine. But all treatments were better than no treatment at all (shown as outmost left column, Fig. 8).

 healer  DNA unwinding  healingEffects

Fig. 6. The healer projects to a test tube in a container. Illustrations from the YouTube report referenced in footnote 4.

Fig. 7. DNA sequence in the process of unwinding.

Fig 8. Effects were best for healers (two columns at right, lower is better). Results for the controls are seen at the extreme left.

We conclude from all these observations that the following elements are important, possibly crucial, in spiritual healing:

-- Projections from experienced spiritual healers can have an effect on living human tissue.

-- The projection upon the healing object must be focused.

-- The projection must show a strong emotional component.

-- The projection must either contain a clear intention or a clear image. Both at the same time would be best.

-- Human projection – especially when it is strong – is more powerful than ingestive or mechanical techniques.

These seem reasonable conclusions at the present time. Obviously, more studies are required to see how generalizable these results are. How well can they be replicated? Can the results generalize to the treatment of diseases?

But for the moment, we see enough credible results to motivate us to continue examining these issues. Also, we see elements that remind us of Chi training. For example, Chi practitioners often invest strong emotions in their work. Listen to the emotional yells that the Chi practitioner produces as he moves large objects at a distance in this video6.

Contrary to the increasingly mechanized approach of western medicine, spiritual healing is apparently best when it involves emotional human energy.

Does distance matter?

Another result that shows up in cases of advanced spiritual healing is the unimportance of distance. Healers that work a short distance from a client can be just as effective as when they are a great distance from the same client.

This is a reliable observation for established spiritual healers. It was reported that Edgar Cayce's diagnoses were just as reliable if they concerned someone close to him or someone who was the width of a continent away. Glen Rein also reported that healers did just as well when they were a mile away from the object than when they were close to the object.

This result is not surprising for people working with remote viewing, telepathy or telekinesis where "distance-is-unimportant" types of results are well established. Information can be retrieved from the next room or from the other side of the Earth with equal reliability -- or lack thereof, depending on the viewer and the occasion. It may well be that spiritual healing can also be performed at a distance, particularly by experienced healers who have already become convinced of the effects they can have at a short distance.

Does number matter?

Another frequent observation is that several healers working in concert can develop much more power than a healer working alone. In the example of a Chinese healing for a tumour, described in a previous chapter (1.7), three mental practitioners chanted the phrase "she's already healed" repeatedly. The effect was powerful and was documented live on an ultrasound screen.

Coherent cooperative action has often been described as being multiplicative. So suppose that three healers work in total conjunction, and that each has a healing effect of 10. Their combined effect would not be 30, but 10 x 10 x 10, that is 1000. Even life partners and husband-wife teams could have much greater effects than individuals by themselves, and a family of 3 or 4, working in total coherence, might have a most powerful healing effect.

Do an experiment – with conviction

Nothing beats experimentation; you may have some healing talents. So let's begin now.

Define a clear healing objective for yourself. Make sure that you have a clear criterion for judging whether the healing has taken place or not. E.g., instead of coughing every 5 minutes, you might fix the objective at caughing no more than once every half hour. Now set up an undisturbed healing session. Sit or lie down and reserve ten minutes for the exercise.

Begin by breathing regularly. Take 20 deep breaths. Count to five on each inspiration and five more on each expiration. Be very regular.

Now get over the embarrassment of doing something unusual, and just give it a try. Perhaps start by whispering. But even when you whisper, fill it with full, emotional conviction. Put yourself wholeheartedly behind this. Whisper, say or chant "I am healed" for three minutes, all while keeping in mind your clear healing objective.

Then do rapid breathing for 10 seconds. Wait another minute to calm down. The whole exercise should not take much more than 15 minutes.

Even better, do this with a close friend or a life partner who fully understands and genuinely wishes to help. Say or chant "I am healed" and "she/he is healed" in unison.

Once you're finished, ask with your preferred inter-dimensional communication tool (e.g. the pendulum) how many more such sessions are required to effect a permanent healing. Don't be dismayed. In my case the cleaning out of the life-long respiratory problem took one whole year, i.e., about 50 sessions. But the effect has been total and long-term. For 50 years I frequently suffered from a blocked-up nose, an infected throat and deap-seated lung ailment. Now, six years after the end of treatment, this is all part of history. Now I breathe freely day and night, summer and winter.

Overall perspective: to accelerate healing, we need full and emotional conviction

Finally, let's keep all this in perspective. Spiritual healing is largely experimental. If you do such exercises, you're acting as an experimenter doing an experiment on yourself. From all that we see, it's probable that this type of exercise can help you.

At the same time, if you have an urgent medical need, it would be dangerous, in some conditions even criminal, to rely exclusively on spiritual healing. If your medical condition requires urgent attention, go and see a qualified and certified practitioner. At the current state of knowledge, it is reasonable to consider spiritual healing as an interesting adjunct in a complete healing process. But we do not support the notion that spiritual healing can replace all of current medicine and psychotherapy. Except in highly unusual cases, spiritual healing is best seen as a complementary support of an entire healing solution which you should optimally define together with your medical or psychological practitioner for your specific condition.

At the same time, some key new elements are emerging from these studies and experiences. What we have so far learned about spiritual healing suggests that whatever effects occur, they involve a clearly focused, whole-hearted and emotional intention. This stands in direct contrast to the mechanized approach favoured by current medical and psychiatric approaches.

It may matter little to the patient whether Chi is actually there or not. But what is emerging as a central factor is that healing occurs primarily when everyone involved -- healer, client, relatives and close friends -- are clearly and unequivocally convinced that you should actually be healed. Full conviction is a key factor in whatever healing may take place.



1 You can find several videos on Frank Willis on YouTube. The above images are taken from the series "Interview – Super Human" (—byix2qk). If you enjoy seeing cement blocks break, here is a recording of the Guinness World Records 2008 for breaking cement blocks with a single blow:

2 Chun Yi Li, an accomplished Chi Gong master who works in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, has collaborated with a number of medical research teams in Minneapolis who have found systematic acceleration of healing in those patients who were treated with Chi Gong methods. The exact references used to be available on Chun Yi Li's webpage:, however I cannot find them any more (2016).

3 (Schema below) Page 72 of "A portable Kirlian device" by Robert Martin in The Kirlian Aura: Photographing the Galaxies of Life, edited by Stanley Krippner and Daniel Rubin. Doubleday Anchor Book, 1974. Another schema can be found here:


4 Some people argue that the success of spiritual healing with babies or animals would prove the independence from placebo effects. Unfortunately this is not so. Conscious and unconscious visual, auditory or tactile cues can influence even babies and animals, and such experiments would not clearly eliminate placebo effects. In our opinion, the whole search for an elimination of the placebo effect is really beside the point. If we are concerned about using our human capacities to support and regain health, we should use everything in our power, placebo effects as well as any additional forces, to advance our well-being.

5"Symposium der DGEIM, Vortrag Glen Rein" (presentation in English with translation to German).

6 "Man in China moves objects with CHI/KI energy" All in Chinese, but just watch the video.

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