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Section 4. Life in the fifth dimension


There are times in life when you know that something major has taken place.

People who have had near-death experiences often tell us that life can never again be what it was before. Their life purposes change profoundly, and they often feel impelled to change careers and to devote themselves to other professions. They say that they feel a deep change inside themselves, often a great peace and inner joy.

In the terms that we have developed here, I'd say that this corresponds to a firm entrance into the fifth dimension.

Something a bit similar happened to me some time ago. While I didn't have a near-death experience, I left an out-of-body workshop with William Buhlmann with a profoundly changed sense of existence. A sense of calm has come into me that I have never experienced before. Also, I am now inundated by new teachings that come to me nearly every night and many times during the day.

I will attempt to capture the sense of these teachings in the chapters of this section.

I sense that this will turn out to be the open-ended closing of this book. The transition from 3D to 5D has been gradual for me. 3D elements have simply begun to wane in importance and 5D elements dominate increasingly. In 5D, one does not cease to have a 3D body or no more human needs and desires. Rather, 3D experiences are infused with much wider and more encompassing perspectives. Colours become more colourful, sounds become richer, meeting friends becomes more delightful, love encounters acquire a new and immense delight, and one's private time becomes far more diverse and multidimensional.

At a certain point, our human vocabulary no longer suffices. And that is where this blog ends naturally. Our experience enters the world where the written 3D word can no longer capture and reflect the experience. It's where a new world begins -- new meanings and new worlds emerge beyond the vortex.

I'll meet you there. A great adventure and much to discover.


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