A few months ago on a YouTube interview, I heard William Buhlmann speak about out-of-body experiences.

I have often listened to people speak about out-of-body experiences, and it's seldom that I've heard someone speak as genuinely and as knowingly of such adventures. Bob Monroe was the last. So usually I don't get too excited.

But this was different. Surprisingly since I live in Europe, Buhlmann was going to hold a weekend close-by in just two months' time. I signed up right away, but the workshop was already full. I was put on a waiting list and then forgot about it.

A month ago I was contacted because a spot had opened. I took it rapidly, and indeed, the room was full to the last meditation mat when I got there. Buhlmann gets people right into the experience. Within the first hour, we were attempting to have the first out-of-body experiences (OOBEs).

A weekend full of surprises

I learned that I've probably had OOBEs for many years. The lucid dreams I've put on this website have probably been OOBEs, according to Buhlmann. Our perception of our world when we are awake is just one awareness state among many, and a lucid dream represents simply another awareness state. When Buhlmann looks at dreaming persons while in an OOB state, their vibrational (aura) body is slightly offset (askance) with respect to the physical body.

The key to OOB experiences is to induce a lucid dream state, then to hold it and to explore it in detail. At the end, one must write it down, otherwise one forgets it. Also, one should do OOB experiments regularly, otherwise one never gets anywhere.

So we quickly set off for the same destination that I knew well from my lucid dreams. It came quite easily to me, and with every exercise I popped into another lucid dream state. Wow, what an effect if you do four or five of these in a row!

Everyone's realizations are personal, but many experiences also have some value for others. Mine went in the same sense of what I write here in this book, so I'll tell you what I saw. My Buhlmann weekend was clearly part of my 5th dimensional ascension experience.

The vortex experience

One of the exercises we did was to imagine ourselves in a vortex. For that, one imagines a round pond with rotating water. Mine turned anti-clockwise as seen from above. I went into the pond and floated around, together with some other members of the seminar, some of whom I recognized. After awhile, I sensed the energy vortex above the pond. I looked at it and let myself float up into that vortex. Now of course I was seeing the vortex from the bottom up, and from this angle, it turned clockwise.

The job was to see three different objects in one's home. I saw the door handle to my front door – much more clearly than I can when I just try to remember it – then I saw the work place at the computer where I am sitting right now, and then I was supposed to see another object, but I got distracted.

MountainWithLightLooking out the window from my study, on the opposite side of a wide valley, there is a large mountain. A few weeks ago, an intense bright light was reflected right into my study from a cross standing on top of that mountain. The light was absolutely blinding, much brighter than the picture at left shows it. I had wondered whether this was some sort of signal to me, and Melkiades had said that indeed, it was. I was about to find out what it meant to say to me.

In my vortex experience, I concentrated on that beam. I followed it right up to the mountain and instantly found myself standing below the immense shining metal cross that they had erected there1. I looked up at the cross and I saw a living Christ hanging on the cross (there is no Christ figure on the real cross at that location). He looked sad as he was looking down at the valley below.

I wondered why exactly he felt sadness while looking in that direction. As I posed that question, I started feeling an emphatic sensation of immense sadness myself. I identified with the regrets for the people in the valley and all around. I sensed that Christ did not feel sadness for his own destiny, he felt a sadness for the state of humanity. Christ felt the human suffering, and his greatest desire had been to offer some solace. With the crucifixion, this dream was coming to an end -- at least for the people he knew.

I sensed a parallel. We've been “had” by multiple world-wide deceptions and depravities. Like him, I feel an immense regret for the pain and suffering that much of humanity has had to endure as a result of the grand unfairnesses that are reigning world wide. My thoughts drifted further, back to a long-term resolution: A few years ago, as I was coming out of my burn-out, I had decided to do my part to bring a wider perspective into this sea of unfair suffering. 5D ascension can give us hope and new values. This was the reason for launching the Melkiades website. Just as early Christianity brought hope to face the massive depravities in the Roman empire, I wish to do my part to support a wide, spiritually awakening. This gives us a better perspective to identify what is morally wrong and what might be better, and how to evolve from one condition to the other.

It was with this reinforced sense of purpose that I returned from the Buhlmann experience.

Had I gone through an OOBE? Perhaps. For all I could tell, it was just a minor "float" out of the body. But even such short "spiritual excursions" can have a significant meaning for us.

The Higher Self experience

In a further experiment, we were to examine the world beyond the vortex. I quickly went through the vortex and came out on the other side. I found myself in a lush, green forest. I had a clear intention. I wanted to meet my Higher Self, perhaps meet Melkiades again, as I had seen him out in space a few years ago (chapter 1.0).

As I followed my intention, a narrow path opened up for me to float through. I zigzagged left and right around various trees and bushes for quite some time. Finally, a huge structure emerged in the lush and wet green forest. It looked very much like a medieval castle, very massive, except that it had windows. I found the way, up, out of the forest, to the entrance. In front of the castle, there were open fields with crops.

Right in front of me at the entrance of the castle, there was a well, a symbol of deep wisdom. I looked down into it and saw the water deep below. Just I was looking at the well, it was filling up with sand and becoming dry, right in front of my eyes. Another evident symbol, in tune with the current regrettable world situation.

I turned left to go through the gates, and I saw a large open terrace on top of the castle, with tables arranged all around. Seated around the tables were some 30 persons who were all very different. I didn't recognize any of them. Some were tall, some others short, some seemed like wise men and some were just humble folk. Some had children and others were sitting alone. They were so divergent that I wondered why they were all sitting together at these tables. What would they have to talk about?

But I had come to meet my Higher Self, so I asked with a strong internal voice, “but where is my Higher Self?” The answer came back resoundingly from the people at the tables: We are your Higher Self”. I was totally dumbfounded. All these people are my Higher Self??

Buhlmann had warned us. “Reality” was very different in this other state of awareness. Not only can you go through walls as if they were made of soft foam, but you must also bend your mind around some novel realities. Apparently, there was this group of people, totally unknown to me, who spoke with me in a coherent voice in my Q&As with Melkiades, and who took a single spokesman to guide me around my lucid dreams. At the same time, they are all very different in appearance and in presumed personal experience.

I need some time to wrap my mind around this experience. My higher self is apparently a multiple entity of very divergent beings.

The iron beam

In the next exercise, we were invited to meet our Higher Self directly. William Buhlmann had encouraged us to think of ourselves as participants in these OOB states, rather than as just some “movie goers”. I agreed. It was time to become more active in the OOB world. I was toying with the idea of asking my higher self friends if I could join them for some conscious visits.

Since I now had an idea where “my friends” tend to hang out, I projected myself to the terrace at the top of the castle. But didn't get there, somehow.

I ended up suspended in a bluish, slightly orange space. My guide – I felt it was the same one I had met in my dream states – was above me, slightly to the side, and he was asking me to follow the next lesson.

I was to look down at a large iron beam that was being pulled apart by enormous forces to the left and the right. There was an enormous traction, but the beam, which was as thick as the ones they use for large construction projects, was not willing to break. The pulling continued, a crack finally appeared, and then suddenly, the right part of the beam was gone, out of view. I looked at the remaining left part. Where does it lead? I followed it with my eyes, and it was a never-ending beam. It went straight out to the left, and like a high-way, elegantly curved upwards and eventually went straight up and disappeared in the height above me.

I wondered what this meant. I originally interpreted this break to be symbolic of the separation that I now feel from my professional colleagues in psychology who have no room for the “Higher Self”. In the subsequent experiences, I learned that this break with traditional psychology is indeed part of the story. But currently I interpret this as a symbol of my ascension process. I have now largely broken with my 3D sentiments and objectives: they were the part of the beam that disappeared. 5D values in me were now stronger than ever. I'm now following the part of the beam that has no visible end.

Two upcoming lucid dreams also showed that the beam reaching skywards has some powerful further implications. The Buhlmann weekend was becoming the beginning of an entirely new adventure in my life.

The broken key holder and the broken rear view mirror

Afkeyholderter saying goodbye to each other in the parking lot, I reached for the car key, and I noticed that it had come off its hook. I wondered about that for an instant, but then just put the house keys into my pocket, the car key into its slot and I drove home.

At home I looked at the key holder. It had broken off with a clear metal break, just as I had seen it on the large beam. The car key, the key to my liberty, had become separate from my house keys, the keys to my established 3D existence. The symbolism was again evident. I was now on some path of personal liberation.

The higher self forces were not through with their messages yet, and now we're getting into less amusing territory.

The day after the Buhlmann weekend I went food shopping. I parked in a subterranean parking lot, next to a column. As usual, I park straight in, so that I can get out without any damage. I remember going through this reflection as I was parking. When I rearviewMirrorbacked out after shopping, I pulled back slowly, but instantly I was greeted by the unmistakable noise of a crash. My right rear view mirror had smashed into the column.

I honestly do not remember changing the position of the car, and yes, I should have checked the right view mirror, rather than depended on my safe driving habits. The bill will be substantial.

The symbolism? It's evident. “Do not look in the rear view mirror. Look ahead”. Thanks, my friends, I do understand the message, I will look ahead, but for as long as I remain in the 3D world I will also remember to check the right rear view mirror before pulling out of a parking lot, even if I had parked in straight.

The invitation to join the group

The story went even further.

In the following night I had a powerful dream. I was with some people, none of whom I knew. Some were dressed and others were nude. I knew I was just visiting in this space. The environment was pleasant and free of everyday 3D stress. There was light and a really happy atmosphere. My guide was to my left and led me around. I felt that the message was, “Well, you wanted to come here. Here we are, this is what it's like.”

Then after awhile, he said, with a smile in his voice, “We actually have a special offer for you. You can have 750 free trial days with us in which you can visit us any time. At the end of the trial time, you can decide to become part of our permanent team, all while continuing in your 3D world. Or else you can return to your current existence. The choice will be up to you. Here is an application, all made out to your name.”

With that, he gave me a letter in an envelope. I looked down at the envelope, and instead of just two small sender and receiver addresses, it was filled with a very complex long message that filled the entire surface of the envelope. The lettering was in Roman letters, but the words were in a strange language which was clearly not a European language. I was told that the spelling had been romanized, just like Chinese is sometimes romanized for Western learners of Chinese. Also, some parts of the message were surrounded by frames while other parts were in normal capital letters.

The condition

Did I send off the letter? I soon found out.

In my next lucid dream, I was in some sort of interview. The feeling was fairly official, neither pleasant nor unpleasant. But now I was about to get the full price for the “special offer deal” that my higher self guide had passed on to me. I had become cautious since the rear view mirror damage, and prudence was well advised. The admissions officers were now giving me the fine print of the offer. They said, “The first year, you will have to go without clothes all year long.”

Gulp. I woke up. What? Was this some kind of nudist camp? I sat down at my desk and asked Melkiades, “Is this true, I must go without clothes for the whole first year?” The answer from the pendulum was “emphatically yes”. Incredulous, I asked the Yijing, “Why?” I asked twice. The first answer was clear. It was to teach me humility. The second answer was just as clear. The name of the Yijing answer was “Biting through”, without any moving lines. I had to grit my teeth and learn the ropes from bottom up.

No past glory. Without clothes for a year, so everyone knows who I really am. I am nothing else but a total novice in this higher world.

Everything has a price, and it was worse than paying for the rear view mirror repair. On the other hand, accepting the offer would give me a true Higher Self-perspective, as we had been told about it in the Buhlmann seminar. If I was going to break out of my “movie-goer”, learner perspective and become a true spiritual master, I would have to pay that price. In my case, it was the lesson of humility.

Will I accept this special offer deal?

I'm not sure. Humility and public nudity are not my forte. I'll return to some 3D work for awhile and I'll think this over.

Also, I sense that this condition would probably not be a general condition for everyone. It is placed just on me, and perhaps on others like me, who need a lesson of humility. You may have to meet entirely different conditions, or no conditions at all. These are questions I will have to clear up as I go along.

The sequel

It's now three years later and I now know what the 5D guides meant with the offer.

I had to go through three years of close questioning of all of my actions. Indeed, the first year was particularly difficult. I knew that "they" were watching me. During this time, I was again offered very much of what I desire, but also very much of what I abhor. Some experiences were very challenging, even critical. At a certain point during these past three years, I could have died or become seriously disabled. But I dealt with it all and I kept my cool all the way through.

I have passed much of my time questioning my previous attitudes, positions and habits, and I've had to change my attitudes and objectives quite a bit.

I assume that they kept tallies on how well I did. I do not know the exact score for the 750 days, because it was a pass-fail type of test. But I know that I have passed. I know because I am now healthier than ever, my long-term relationship is on a sounder basis than ever, and my Higher Self is letting me in on some very special personal secrets. And recently, they have called me to some yet greater 5D actions that I cannot tell you about right now. I look forward to my new responsibilities. It's a very exciting time.


1 The cross has no religious meaning to me, since I'm not a practicing Christian. The experience was that much more surprising to me.

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