At the end, it's all very simple. 5D existence ceases to be a mystery. It's simply a radically different point of departure.easy

Any one of us can take a 5D standpoint, any time if we wish. Once we really get into the habit, it's what most of us prefer.

We've already been given the key. We can just use it and go.

There are many ways of coming to this conclusion, I'll use the following logic. Once you envisage the hypothesis, many other para-psychological and mystical phenomena fall into place.

NDEs show the way

Take someone who has had a near-death experience (NDE). Apparently, every 20th person has gone through some sort of near-death experience1, and videos of vivid recalls of NDEs have become frequent (check YouTube).

The common thread running through such accounts is that an “entity” can separate from the physical body and can go through some (usually profound) experience. Many times the entity can observe the body lying on a bed or on a stretcher, and can make accurate statements about what was said during the experience and even about what happened outside of his body's view in the nearby physical environment. One ND experiencer for example saw a relative show up in the waiting room outside the operating theatre during this out-of-body experience (OOBE). If he'd been entirely inside his physical body, he couldn't have had this information.

At the end of the experience, the entity re-integrates with the physical body.

The first key notion we take from this is that this persistent entity can be separate from the physical body and can maintain extensive independent awareness, such as some form of sight, hearing and full personal memory.

Exactly which components separate out of the body, and which stay in the body, is the next logical question. For that, we can turn to some ND experiencers who've collected extensive out-of-body experiences, such as Joe Marshalla who had several OOB experiences. In the longest, he was pronounced dead after 10 minutes without signs of life, he returned to his body, and subsequently went in and out of his body for some three months. As a trained philosopher interested in psychology and human behaviour, he made detailed observations about which parts of our consciousness stay in the body and which other parts came with him all the time.2

Two parallel structures

Joe Marshalla's explanations are clear and detailed. One can abstract from his many talks that he perceived human functions as two parallel and integrated structures. On the one hand, there is a physiologically-based learning network that permits us to operate in our current incarnation. Joe Marshalla refers to this structure as “thoughts”, but we can also include wider psychological and body functions such as the movement system, physical hearing, sight and touch, and the physiological operations of the brain. This structure operates in terms of what the person has learned during the current incarnation. We generally call this the “physical self”.

On the other hand, there is a much wider entity that has an (acute) awareness of the same frequency domains that we physically pick up with our senses, it gathers immense amounts of information, it stores it reliably, and it apparently operates and responds in terms of a persistent trans-incarnational experience. This identifies and distinguishes what we have named here “the persistent entity”, and what many have named (with other overtones) “the soul”. Since this entity appears to be goal-directed, we'll hypothesize that this is in fact what we have called here “the inner self” or “the Higher Self”. For me, this is Melkiades.

The source of the message

By design in our 3D world, the inner self can only communicate to us 3D beings via the physical self. That is what has led to all the confusion. Traditional psychology does not currently recognize an “inner self”, because in their interpretation (I'll simplify this a bit), “normal people, when well-adjusted, do not speak as someone else”. When they do, they suffer from a multiple personality disorder or from some delusional disorder.

The following analogy might be useful: Caribbean gulf stream water mixes with cold Atlantic waters and warms the western European coast line from Portugal to Norway. When one examines the water that arrives in Norway, does it carry nice little flags from the Caribbean to show where it's from? Of course not. We know only indirectly, from extensive measures of water temperature, that the warming effects stem from the Caribbean.

The same is true with opinions emanating from my own inner self. Does my pendulum go through some particular gyration to signify that the message comes from Melkiades? Of course not, but I can tell that Melkiades is talking to me when the message from the pendulum says something quite different from what I expected.

And sometimes, the inner self actually does show that it is speaking as a separate entity (“it shows its flag”) when it transmits messages from the beyond. For example, in the Ra channellings, each message from Ra begins with “I am Ra.”. This clearly distinguishes the non-physical from the physical source. Other channellers we've heard show similar techniques – such as a different tone of voice – to mark the channelled source of their speech.

Change of focus

Once one accepts the difference between a physical and a spiritual self, the next step becomes super easy: it's simply a change in one's habitual point of perspective.

One can try this as a game. In fact, that's what an OOB meditation is all about. It's a question of becoming aware of one's own inner voice, of following it, staying with it and starting to explore the world from this perspective. We become aware of the immense psychological training and modelling that our physical self has gone through, and as we have done in this book, we begin to fathom the tremendous richness of the new perspective.

A lot changes when the world is systematically viewed from the inner-voice perspective. How do you look at your own life from such a stand point? How do you see your intimate relationship(s)? Do you see how we have been manipulated into participating in a huge rat race? What has been my positive contribution to the world so far? And: what am I really afraid of?

If we pursue these lines of thought for some time, we will begin to question many old beliefs, and we'll eventually put aside quite a few. A new sense of relief and joy comes over us as we let old and useless patterns go, and as we become aware of new possibilities. The reflections of this book have shown us the incredible richness and new potentials that are possible in a 5D world. From the inner-voice perspective, the 5D world becomes a simple reality.

Will we all become “corporate drop-outs” by pursuing such a change in perspective? Will we retreat to the hills and grow our own crops? That is not my reading. 5D existence favours good and positive human interactions, and loving long-term human companionships. It doesn't deny human society, nor human collaborative projects. On the contrary, a 5D perspective is immensely “pro-human”. It favours positive, peaceful, respectful and non-exploitative cooperation and a genuinely joyful existence.

It's really easy

So ultimately, the whole ascension story is really very easy: we change our point of perspective. In the end, few words are needed. We listen to our inner voice, we take its answers seriously, we learn from it, we let it guide us towards greater and responsible cooperative action, we affirm our natural place among our colleagues and loved ones, and we develop confidence that we in fact do the best that we can possibly do.

No great revolution, but an incredible evolution.

Be well.

Melki and Melkiades


1 Wikipedia: “According to is estimated that near-death experiences are reported by five percent of the adult American population.”

2 Extensive non-traumatic OOBEs, such as those described by Bob Monroe, show wide-ranging similarities to traumatic OOBE accounts. NDE body separation can thus not easily be reduced to neurally provoked imaginings induced by the trauma.

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