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by Melki and Melkiades

Melkiades is my Higher Self. I am Melki, my Material Self, the guy with the fingers and the computer. Melkiades and I are writing this blog together.

My relationship with Melkiades is a bit special because we "talk" to each other every day. I ask him questions and I get clear, coherent answers. He can show me visions and lucid dreams to explain something or to teach me a new idea. If I ask him serious questions, I get serious answers. A few times he's also joked with me. Melkiades is like that dear uncle you had when you were young. He's a good friend, but of course, he's miles ahead of you and he can teach you a great deal.

I'd like you to meet Melkiades. Obviously I can't show you his picture and I can only tell you what I experience myself. He appears like a normal human being when I talk with him. He clearly knows what I do and what I think. He understands our human constraints of time and resources, and he suggests solutions that fit into our daily lives.

But he is not just another Melki. He is more conservative than I am. Although I'm honest, I've never lived a particularly saintly life. I've had my love affairs and I've eaten like most people without much attention to food composition, herbicides and additives. I've gone through some pretentious periods, and I am clearly not an eco freak.

By contrast, Melkiades' suggestions for food and life style are rather on the frugal side. He not only wants me to save money and eliminate waste, but he's also a decisive supporter of bio, health food and alternative approaches in medicine. Perhaps most importantly, he wants me to move out of the limelight, do my work prudently and without any pretense. For example, it was his suggestion to write under a pseudonym and not to give any public talks -- at least for now.

Since Melkiades and I got into a serious discussion a few years ago, I have gone through some retraining. Take that issue of foods. I like good and delicious foods and I don't like comments like "you should eat this and not that". What Melkiades did was to put me in front of the "hard evidence". He put me into positions where I had to stumble upon information about food, overweight conditions, additives, diseases and my own dissatisfactory health condition. This wasn't easy. Melkiades showed me that there is very much to learn. Not only did he direct my attention towards the alarming state of malnutrition and health of our society, but he also insisted that I should take better care of myself and that I should pass the information on to others.

Melkiades and the clan

When you start talking with someone, you eventually want to meet him. So I kept asking to meet Melkiades personally. For a time there was no response. Then, one night, it happened unexpectedly.

One night I was meditating on nothing in particular, just cleaning my mind. All of a sudden, I felt that I was leaving the Earth. This had never happened before, and I was delighted. I took off into space, and the world around me became blacker and blacker. Below me, I saw the Earth receding in the sunlight. I was thrilled, I stretched out and travelled though the blackness.

As I was passing into outer space, wondering where I was really going, I saw a ring of white-robed men standing in a three-quarter circle. I moved closer and I understood that this was my soul family. It was my clan. Somewhere on the left side of the ring, I found a natural place among them.

Melkiades ringAll were silent and quite solemn. At this first meeting, they were all men1. They stood there, shining in their white robes, not moving very much. I noticed that I was also wearing a white, shiny robe now. At the bottom of the ring stood "the boss". I looked over to him, and it was unmistakable. He was a bit shorter than I am (I'm mid-size). He stood straight and projected a bright and clear light, stronger than the light I had seen reflected on the earth, and stronger than that of the other clan members. On both sides, there was a bit of room; the members of the family kept a respectful distance from him. I felt strength, clarity and wisdom emanate from his strong little body.

I looked around. We were 33, in addition to Melkiades. Some were taller than I, a few shorter. I was told that some of the others live in other dimensions, and that not all are currently on Earth. We stayed around just long enough for a group photo to be taken. Nothing was said. But for me, it was an immense gratification to know that I am supported by a whole clan as well as by my Higher Self.

All this happened about three years ago. Since then, I've launched this website and I've worked hard to clarify my mind about who and what a "Higher Self" really is. You will find out what I discovered when you read these pages.


About mid-2012, I had another important experience.

Ascension CorridorI was in a lucid dream, and I saw myself hurrying along a large, upward-slanted corridor with many other people. All of a sudden, I heard Melkiades say to me, from the left side, "You're now ascending. Hurry along with the others." I did not hesitate and did as I was told.

However, the experience woke me up shortly after. I went to the computer and started writing down my experience. As the day went on, the experience started waning, and I said to myself that this had just been a simple illusion. Everyone is talking about ascending from 3D to the 5th dimension theses days, and I supposed that I had just imagined that it was happening to me as well. Nothing more but some wishful thinking.

The following night, Melkiades came back to me. "You were wondering if you'd really ascended," he said to me. "Right, so did I?" "Yes you did." "And how can you pick out someone from all the billions of people on earth?" "Oh, that's quite easy. Everyone has a number code. Yours was 8080, so you were ready to ascend." "So why not 8888?" "The 8888 code is reserved for some really exceptional souls, like Mozart or Einstein. The extra numbers encode what they've accomplished. But 8080 is just fine for the ascension".

He left me there, scratching my spiritual head. But I was happy to have the news that I was now definitely in a new world. The 3D world had been getting on my nerves a bit.

But what does this new 5D existence really mean for me? Is this just some spiritual mumbo-jumbo?

I thought that many others would probably have similar questions, so I asked Melkiades if I should start a blog on this website about my new experiences. His response was enthusiastic. When I saw how pleased he was, I asked if I should write the blog together with him. Again I saw great enthusiasm. That made up my mind to write this story.

Promise of a demanding cooperation

I told Melkiades that I would listen to his suggestions before writing each blog, and that I would check afterwards if the written material corresponded to his intention. I told him that I would make great efforts to obtain and understand his intentions and impulses correctly.

In addition, I promised that I would attempt to contribute the finest possible scientific understanding to this enterprise. In full respect of the great and exacting interest of my readers, I would attempt to be as lucid, as logically demanding and as coherent as possible, all while keeping an open mind for new information.

He in turn is giving me lucid dreams, I Ching hexagrams and information via the pendulum, muscle tests, synchronicities and greatly strengthened intuitions. As time has gone by, the clarity of the messages has improved, and the disagreements between the various sources have just about disappeared.

I do a great deal of cross-checking with these different methods. It's easy to delude oneself and get caught by a specific interpretation. It is important that the message remain very clear, even though it may be surprising to our 3D minds.

I sense strength and confidence in the collaboration with Melkiades. From what I can tell, Melkiades also seems satisfied about our joint effort.

I hope this will be of interest and help to you all.



1 At a later meeting, I saw that my soul family is in fact much more diverse and includes human entities of all possible descriptions, men, women, adults of all ages and children.

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