I've had a number of interesting conversations with Melkiades and with other spiritual guides in recent months. One has concerned the question of love and sex – a perennial issue in many people's lives, including mine.

The answers have been very useful. Much of what I go through is directly related to past life experiences, both in this and in previous lives. This can be grandly summarized as “the relative existence or absence of natural resonances between my 'love object' and myself”. This is the resonance component.

But there is more to the story.

There are also great variations in how sex is perceived and experienced. In some periods of life and in some cultural contexts, sex without a great deal of love or care is the norm, e.g. when it serves mainly for physical pleasure or for procreation. At other moments, love and deep caring becomes a dominant aspect, and sexual activity becomes secondary or even loses all interest. These fluctuations occur as a result of time or physiological changes (e.g. with child birth, length of relationship or with age). They can also be part of a cultural difference. This is the life phase component.

And finally – and that is interesting here – the fluctuation can also be generational.

Love-Sex CycleHere is how this was explained to me.

In those cultures that permit such reflections in the first place, there is an 86-year cycle of relating love and sex. At the low periods of the cycle, there is a tendency towards more sex without love. At the high periods, there is a tendency towards more love with sex. This is the love-sex cycle component.

We seem to have gone through the low end of sex without love in 2012, with lots of cultural preoccupation in Internet and in the media with physical sex without much love. The previous other extreme, a great deal of love joined with sex, occurred in 1968.

Does that make sense? Perhaps.

Let's look at parts of the cycle that some of us may remember. The previous low was in 1925, where historical accounts tell us about the “roaring 20's”. Yep, there was lots of sex (again where it was permitted), joined with very little love. The cultural love-sex taste then evolved through the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's into the “love-all-and-everyone” 1968 love-with-sex peak. From that cultural “high”, we gradually glided down into the physical excesses characterized by widespread consumption of porn and physical sex without much love and caring, typical of the 1990's and early 2000's.

Now in 2017, we are steering away from that extreme. Slowly, we are beginning to reinvest in love and care, perhaps also in commitment. According to my guides, we are heading towards another love-with-sex high which will occur around 2055.

Sounds good to me. It may be a slow cycle, but it does make good sense, and I like what is coming.

Melki and Melkiades


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