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Section 1. Welcome to the fifth dimension

Millions are currently ascending, billions will follow soon. This is a blog for you, those who have already ascended, those who are about to ascend and those who are just now in the middle of ascending.

First of all, welcome. You are among friends.

If you have already ascended, you simply feel it. You'll feel an inner joy. Problems that may have followed you for a long time have now fallen away. Existential pain suddenly is no longer there. Where there was pain and frustration, all of a sudden, the coast has become clean.

Great. Congratulations! Look around, do what you like. Go for a walk, listen to some music, chat with friends or take a nap. Today is Sunday and you can do whatever you like.

I'll be back with you in a little while. Just let me take care of some of our friends.


If you are about to ascend, you may feel stressed, or uncomfortable, or even ill. Many people feel misunderstood and misinterpreted by their friends, by their marital partners or their family. You may also feel dissatisfied with your work or with the world in general. You may sleep irregularly, and you might even be in ill health.

Do not worry. Ascension brings calm and a clear mind. With time, dissatisfaction and confusion will make room for joy, contentment and recovery.

At this point, let go of the anger. If you can, do some meditation in which you ask for forgiveness. Ask internally to be forgiven for what you did when things did not go right. Once you are finished with asking forgiveness, feel the peace that enters into your mind. Then, get a good sleep.

In the coming days and weeks, get as much sleep as you can. When you feel tired, accept the fact that you ARE tired and go to sleep. Ascending is a growth process and your body needs your sleep to adjust to its new state of being. (As the spiritual guides say, "adjust to the higher vibrations").

Do not force anything. Ascension will come if your internal state wishes it to come. It will also come in its own time, not when you want it to come. So simply do the cleaning inside by asking for forgiveness and by forgiving others. Once you're "clean", you will be sent on your way.


If you are in the middle of the ascension process, it's quite possible that you will be confused, or that parts of your body will feel strange for a few minutes, or even days. Some people go through the ascension process consciously. A guide may come to you in your sleep and say something like, "go along with those others, you are now ascending." In my case, it was a bit like a secondary event, sort of, "by the way, it's now happening, don't worry, just run along". Others may have a more glorified experience, but it wasn't that for me. And the large majority will not even know that they have ascended. They may eventually find out by how they feel internally. They will find that they are now in a fundamentally different frame of mind than a few months and years ago.

Your body may well show symptoms of readjustment, and that for several weeks. Myself I needed enormous amounts of sleep. Also, at times my arms and legs felt "sort of disconnected", till they snapped back into action. But eventually, the sense of calm and collectedness spread from my mind throughout my entire body. The most important thing is that the anger went away, the frustration was gone and a sort of wise empathy spread.

The day after your ascension you will still go back to the same job that you were doing before. We are told by our guides that this is the first mass ascension where people do not physically die as they ascend. The mind and the body of the person simply gets "an upgrade", then reboots, and life goes on. But much better.

Your spiritual world will open up faster than you can believe. You will now accept yourself and others just as you are. You will find your own real path and you will help others find peaceful means of realizing their destinies. With time, you will communicate more and more with telepathy, and speech will become more and more what written language is with respect to spoken language.


Ascended life has its own challenges, and you will be invited to participate in their resolution, as part of a soul group, your soul group. That too is one of the major changes of ascension. By this process, you cease to be "one against the rest of the world". You will become "one with the rest of the world, with your friends and loved ones".

Ascended life is also the path of acceptance. We have to accept the differences in others before being able to help them or show them new life options. We are inevitably examples for others, and our understanding attitude launches the initial bridges to fruitful interaction.

But much more about that later.



[Verification with the pendulum shows that my Higher Self agrees strongly with what was written here. My pendulum movements distinguish "agree", "agree strongly", "disagree", "disagree strongly", and "undecided".]

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