Once ascended, your natural reaction is to tell everyone that you're now on a new and golden path.

Hold back.

My guides tell me that this is a dangerous period. It's easy to think that now you're the master of the world. When I was first told that I was in the ascension process, I went home, feeling exalted and driving way over the speed limit in some places (luckily, I didn't get caught).

Please relax. Rein in your horses.

You've been preparing your ascension for a long time. All your life you've gathered experiences that told you that this or that "trick" doesn't work, but that some approaches to life are excellent for you and for your environment. Now is the time to put all this learning to work.

Life Lessons

For example, I learned that I should take on only so much responsibility at a time, and that a working day has an end. I had to learn to change my pace after a good and honest day of work, and do something else.

The time after the ascension was the moment to apply this learning. Must I finish this chapter this very evening? Or shouldn't I check up on my household duties and spend some time with my partner?

Another lesson concerned male-female relationships. Years ago, I was very much attracted to a good-looking woman who was in a not-so-happy relationship with another man. The attraction was mutual, and for months we gnawed at starting a physical relationship. Then finally we lost sight of each other.

When the whole thing was over I asked my guides what had played out. I was utterly surprised. While my attraction to her had been at all four levels, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, her attraction to me had been primarily physical. I had never even thought that possible, since my own opening had been so much more wide-ranging.

The life lesson for me was that other people can be very different from me, including women in their male-female relationships. And that is another major lesson that I'm applying systematically now. What my partner experiences is not necessarily what I experience. What my colleague at work experiences may be quite different from what I go through. It seems obvious, really, but it takes an extra effort to remember that in all situations.

There are hundreds of important life lessons. You have your own list. If not, it's a good idea to make a list of your life lessons. Then apply them systematically.

One huge life lesson: Work with your guides

But of all my life lesson the most important has been to work with my guides. This is an advanced ascended procedure, and just because you're now ascended, no one says that you have to take that path right away. Learning to work with guides on a daily basis may come many years later, perhaps even in another life time. But sometime in the future, you'll probably want to explore this direction.

I've felt a strong yearning for working with my guides ever since I was a small child.

How do I work with my guides?

It wasn't evident at the beginning. No guide ever came up to me and said, "Hey Melki, why don't you work with me, I'll show you how!" I had to develop my own initiative.

First I had to learn that the guides are even there, constantly, even though you hardly ever see them.

Then I had to learn to talk with them.

Then I had to find out that their suggestions were excellent and reliable.1

Then, finally, I was ready to enter into a veritable learning relationship with them. That was the real take-off point. I've been in this apprenticeship for about five years now.

The most important part of all this was to learn to talk with my guides. I found out from reading and with experimentation that I could ask questions and receive answers through a continuous stream of information and lessons from the spiritual universe. This flow of information moves through lucid dreams, channelling, consultations with the pendulum, I Ching consultations, muscle tests, etc. etc. I simply had to stop to ask and start listening. It's not difficult to do, the main difficulty was to believe that this is indeed possible, and to do all the tests to see if you can really trust this source of information.

In my case, this took years to accomplish. I needed extensive demonstrations that I was indeed receiving lessons from the other side. I give many examples in other parts of the melkiades.ch website of how this happened and how it can be done. I took much time to find the information, to try it out and to make sure that this channel of communication actually functioned, and perhaps even more importantly, that it was reliable.

When I started putting it all the information together, if found that working and living in this constant dialogue with “the other side” is really an entirely new way of living one's life. It's my form of the 5D lifestyle. It's very different from the usual, humdrum 3D life. And this is what I want to share with you in this blog.

The main objective

That brings us right to our main objective. Here I will share my experiences and I will show you how I proceed. It won't be an everyday “5D Better Homes” easy-schmeazy, glossy-pages introduction to 5D life. You can no longer cheat or pretend once you enter on this path. It's honesty to the bottom of your heart, and that won't always be easy.

I've divided the material into the following parts.

In this first part, we'll look around the beginning halls of 5D life. Why five dimensions? What's in the additional dimensions? How do life and its challenges appear once one looks back at 3D life from a 5D perspective? How does a daily interaction with our guides change our life and our outlook?

In the next part, I cover the interdimensional communication tools. How can I ask my questions? How do the answers come back? How reliable are the answers?

In the third part, I look at various aspects of healing, both psychological and physical healing. What is possible? How do the spiritual approaches work? What seems to be their fundamental operation? Finally, what does it mean “to heal”?

And finally, some glimpses at the life lessons that I'm currently getting from my 5D masters. Nearly every night, I have a lucid dream with 5D content. The masters have told me that they have about an hour and a half to give me a message.  The dreams usually show just one or perhaps two related aspects of 5D life.

At the end you will have a fairly complete introduction to 5D life in your hands. I readily admit that it will have a strong “Melki – Melkiades” imprint. He and I couldn't write this handbook in a reasonable amount of time if we tried to document everything that has ever been written on these wide-ranging topics. The point of the book is to show what 5D life with concrete spiritual guidance looks like when a specific “higher self – material self” team navigates through all of life's typical issues. And I've been through some.

An example

But to give you a pleasant sense of how a 5D experience can work right within our 3D world, here is a recent experience that showed me how my spiritual guides are helping me.

For some time, I got the message from my guides to move to the Ticino, in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. I previously lived in Lucerne, an absolutely lovely place in the German-speaking part. I was quite happy there. But also, the Ticino has attracted me for many years: nicer weather, a gorgeous region, very nice people, easier than German Switzerland for my partner who is Spanish -- but yet another language for me, and housing is rather expensive there. "No problem," said my guides, "it's not going to be as expensive as you think." I got this message in two different types of interdimensional communication sessions, once with muscle testing and once with the pendulum.

LagoMaggioreSo I started looking at apartments on Internet. The views from some of the apartments were extraordinary, but so were the prices. Gulp. But the guides said, "Don't worry, you haven't seen your apartment yet, but it's coming up soon." Apparently, they had a place in mind for me. So one free day, I drove down to the Ticino and had a look around. I loved the place (see picture). But where could my apartment be? There were villages and towns all around the lake.

I took out my pendulum and said, "Where's that apartment that you have in mind?". My pendulum turned and pointed to the pine tree to the right. "Is it on Internet now?" "No". "Will it be on Internet?" "Yes". "In the newspapers?" "No". "Ok, can I do another thing now while I am down here?" "No". So I drove back to Lucerne.

Two weeks later I checked the Internet pages, in a bit by afterthought. And there it was! There was a reasonably-priced apartment with a fabulous view of the lake. It was in a village in the straight line behind the pine tree. I checked out shopping centres, bus lines, train connections, taxation levels, all the things that are important in a new place. It all worked out. It was 6h30 in the morning, I hopped in the car and drove down to the apartment.

At 8h30 I was there and it was just as fabulous as it had been in the photos. I called up the owner. She was super nice and said that she'd find someone right away to show me the place. The lady arrived ten minutes later and said, "Good that you caught me so early, because I have an appointment at 10h". I saw the place, it was great.

Later in the day, three other parties saw the place. But on the lady's recommendation, and after a good phone conversation with the owners, I got the place. Not only that, there were a lot of "lucky fits".

The moving day corresponded directly to the end of my lease in Lucerne. My gardening preferences -- none if possible -- agreed with those of the renter of the other apartment in the house who loves to do gardening. The overall costs are about what they are in Lucerne. Because I speak Spanish I understand nearly everything that the people are saying in the Ticino. And final curiosity: the new apartment is only a few miles away from the beach where at the tender age of 5, I first fell in love with a cute little French girl. It's as if my guides had thought of everything: I was coming home.

Working closely with my guides "had paid off": the costs of finding the apartment was just a few evenings of googling, two trips to the Ticino and some phone calls – and then of course, the move itself. I was thankful and amazed.

In 5D life, you find out that things that are destined for you come to you spontaneously. It's not less work, but it's work that you want to take upon yourself, because it feels right. I said to Melkiades, "Thank you very much, Melkiades. I don't know why it's such an important thing that I move to the Ticino, but I will soon find out".


Working with your guides systematically gives you confidence.

You feel that you're on the right path, you're not alone, you're getting help. It's the first step to meeting up with your soul group. In the long term, you'll work together with them much more, to help spread solace and peaceful coexistence throughout the world and the universe.

If you're a recent ascent arrival, just enjoy the new feeling of confidence growing in your insides. You have grown, you are stronger, you are healthier and you're enjoying your new and stronger ties with the spiritual world. Just be yourself, and the rest of the world will with time notice your new internal strength.



1 If you approach their suggestions with a common-sense mind.

In the ten years that I've worked systematically with my guides, I have been "had" just once, and it has taught me a painful lesson. Once while I was considering an important investment (more than $10'000), I was in an on-and-off communication with an important female partner from a previous life. I asked her if she was still interested in financial matters (as she had been in her past life), and whether she was particularly equipped to give me advice on such matters now. She said yes indeed. Then I asked her what she thought of the potential of the investment I was considering. She showed great enthusiasm and suggested that I go even well beyond my intended financial limit. So I did.

Somet time afterwards, this turned out to be the worst possible investment. I asked her why she had made this suggestion. The notion came back to me, "that I shouldn't even think about making investments". That was when I really became cross with her. I told her off in no uncertain terms, saying that we in the 3rd dimension have a lot of financial and resource considerations, and that the lesson would have been ample enough if I'd just stayed within my self-imposed limits. Suggesting to go beyond was both unnecessary and unfair.

We haven't spoken since then. Over time, we'll see if we can find mutual understanding on this issue. It is notable, by the way, that Melkiades -- in contrast to this former female partner -- fully understands our 3D concerns with finances and is fully supportive of my prudent efforts in this domain. Melkiades' principle seems to be this: It is beneficial for us earthlings to learn to deal wisely with money and resources. We can even make a good profit if it is destined for beneficial actions in our environment. However, Melkiades will not obtain specific "winning numbers" in the market or for investments. That we have to learn to do ourselves -- or simply forget about, if that's our choice in life.


[Verification with the pendulum shows that my Higher Self agrees strongly with what was written here. My pendulum movements distinguish "agree", "agree strongly", "disagree", "disagree strongly", and "undecided". Before starting to write this blog, I asked the I Ching what was the most important lesson to write at this point, it gave me a very clear answer, and I took it from there.]

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