When you first come into 5D life, you want to run out and explore. What's so different? What is everyone talking about? Why all the excitement?

But Melkiades told me, “Stop, don't be in such a hurry. We've seen that the first principle is to apply and live by your 3D life lessons. Now comes the time to add new and much better rules. But before you can do that, you have to put the old suffering consciously behind you. This is the process of cleansing. Enter into 5D life with a clean mind, and free yourself of your old, painful and useless memories.”

And as so often, a pictorial answer came to me in a lengthy lucid dream.

Lucid Dream

I was in something like a parallel world. Everything played in a black-and-white movie with fine shades of grey. There were no colours.

Colleagues of mine were experimenting with some new magnetic material. They had developed a large magnetic cloth. You could stick one end to one wall, and then the other end to the other wall. I was asked to do that, and I found that the material was reasonably light and that it stuck quite firmly to the metal attachment areas on the walls. I stood on a stool and hooked the screen to the two sides of a large hall. The small part next to the door was now clearly separate from the larger part of the hall on the other side.

Now that I think about the dream, the symbolism is quite evident. The part next to the door, i.e., my previous 3D life, was now clearly separated from the new, much larger and much airier 5D existence.

But the dream went on to a second part.

My colleagCleansing_capsules.jpgues – whom I knew vaguely from my university teaching days – lived close to a large lake. They had created, inside huge man-sized stones, body-fitting enclosures out of similar, firm magnetic material. The stone would open out to the side and a person could nestle inside. From a distance it looked like a group of large roundish stones, distributed naturally around an open field in front of a forest. I saw a young woman nestle sideways into a smaller enclosure as if it were a womb. When she closed a plastic outside door, one could see her inside, nestled in like a fetus lying on her back inside the stone.

I talked to one participant, asking him what they were doing with these enclosures. He was talking with people around him in what appeared to me as a mix between human and non-human speech. He said that in these magnetic enclosures, they were undergoing a profound emotional cleansing from all the junk they had gathered while on Earth. When talking in the non-human speech, he was communicating with higher beings who were helping him.

At that point I understood that I was in a lucid dream. I held these impressions firmly in my mind. In various channelled descriptions of the after-life, I had learned that some time after death, most souls go through some healing process, in something like a hospital. This could be the cleansing process that I was looking at.

While still in the lucid dream, I asked Melkiades if I should address this healing process in the next chapter of the 5D manual. Indeed, that was exactly his intention. After learning about all the horrid depravities of 3D life, we now had to cleanse ourselves. We cannot go out into 5D life if we still think the world should function with all the deceptions and depravities of 3D life. We light-workers and ascended souls, we needed to heal ourselves before we can help others.

Detach the emotion from the experience

I was grateful for receiving such a detailed answer.

Psychological healing has one very important function, disconnecting emotions from past experience. Emotions are rooted in our profound human and animal existence. Fight-or-flight emotions, sexual arousal and competitive emotions, hunger-and-scarcity emotions, all of these evolve from past animal and human experience. Many of these emotions are useful as dynamos of human deployment, while some others get us into cycles of conflict that may last several incarnations.

For this reason, it is important that all of us go through a profound cleansing process after dying -- or even before. It's not that we should forget our previous experiences. It is important not to forget what we learned. They are retained as memories, many happy ones as well as many unhappy ones. We have reason to believe that all these memories are stored in a huge spiritual library (the akashic library), so they will never be lost, and you can access everything you ever went through.

But we crucially need to detach the emotions from the experiences. If we do not do that, we will reincarnate with the same anger or frustration that we experienced in a previous life, and will thus perpetuate the conflicting situation through yet another lifetime.

Magnetic radiation does the cleaning

What I also find fascinating in this lucid dream is that I was given detailed information on how this is done: with magnetism. I was first shown that this was magnetism by handling the large magnetic cloth myself. I remember in my dream that I was even worried about carrying a cell phone or being near my computer, because such strong magnetism might affect the device. Then I was shown that all these “souls” were cloaking themselves in similar magnetic enclosures in order to cleanse their emotional links.

I take this as a suggestion to do so myself. A naturopath has told me how it is done. You need a large magnet, such as can be found in some older loudspeakers. These are roundish and have a strong positive pole on an inside ring, and a negative pole in an outside ring. Running this magnet very closely over the head and the spinal chord while thinking of the opposite to the emotional attachment will cleanse the emotional link. For example, think of "joy" or "freedom" when cleansing out a negative attachment. Repeat the procedure every week as long as you still sense some upset. Some people take several months to clean out all their negative attachments, others can clean them out in just a few weeks.

I am grateful to my Higher Self for the continued guidance. At the same time, I am learning that the ascension is only the beginning of a lengthy process of becoming an effective light worker.



[I again asked my Higher Self with the pendulum if I captured his intention correctly for this blog. I'm smiling. I was again given “strong agreement”. We recall from previous blogs that my pendulum distinguishes between “strong agreement”, “agreement”, “undecided”, “disagreement” and “strong disagreement”. I'm smiling, because in daily usage, “strong agreement” is quite rare. So I asked my pendulum, “Are you sure that you're in strong agreement with me about this blog?” Response: “Agreement”. :-)]

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