A bit by accident, we've landed in the fifth dimension. At least, that's what we are told.

"Yeah, perhaps," you may say, "But I don't see it. The world still looks very much the same to me as it did before."

Right. Let me tell you a silly story that makes exactly your point.

Two Australian aborigines were out fishing in the Torres Strait when the Dutch navigator Willem Jansoon came by on the Duyfken in 1606. Willem called out to them, saying "We're the Dutch and we've come to discover Australia!" The aborigines, divinely empowered to understand Dutch, were pleasantly surprised, rowed home and told their wives, "The Dutch have just discovered Australia! Now we can trade our fish for Dutch cheese!" The wives, not impressed, answered gruffly, "get off it, bring the fish, the fire's on and I'm hungry."

Australia -- a 250-year long hypothesis

16th century world mapFig. 1. Nicolas Desliens Map (1566). Wikipedia.


When Jansoon first made out a faint line at the southern horizon, did he know that this was a whole continent? No, he may have heard some stories, but he couldn't be sure. Half a century before, the Portuguese had been spinning some such yarn in Europe, which was incorporated into the Dieppe maps (Fig. 1). But the European public was only sure that there was really a whole continent down under when Matthew Flinders circumnavigated Australia at the very end of the 17th century. That was a huge 250 year stretch (1550-1800) between the first hunch and a reliable confirmation. During all that time, Australia was nothing but a hypothesis for most Europeans. More specifically, a hypothesis that very slowly grew from rumours, through strong hunches and a highly probable reality, to a confirmed fact. Nothing unusual per se -- that is the normal path of knowledge acquisition and of science. Some fact or concept at first appears very strange, and then goes through various stages of demonstration and acceptance till it becomes common knowledge.

With respect to arriving in the 5th dimension, we may be where Jansoon was at the Torres Straits in 1606. We may have heard some amazing rumours, or we may have had some lucid dreams, or we may even have astrally travelled to the 5th dimension. But you're quite right, at the present the 5th dimension is nothing more than an intriguing hypothesis. Again, nothing surprising in itself, this is simply how our familiarity with the 5th dimension grows.

But... how could we improve our certainty that we are really in the 5th dimension?

The possibility

To start, we could explore the theoretical possibility. Let us agree on three Euclidian distance dimensions (height, length and depth) and a time dimension (past-present-future). From this vantage point, is a 5th dimension possible?

If one has learned to function in just so many dimensions, conceiving of the next higher dimension can be difficult. All the phenomena you meet are "logically" interpreted as occurring in only the known dimensions. Let's illustrate this with the example given in the "Tenth Dimension" video on YouTube1.

Let's take a Möbius strip (a strip of paper turned once over and glued together at the ends) [Fig. 2], and let's draw a line in its middle. The pencil will go through various 3D girations and it will pass outside as well as inside of the strip to complete the line, when this is seen by a 3D person [Figs. 3 and 4]. However a 2D "flatlander" -- one who only sees two dimensions -- will not see anything more than a single line all the way around the strip [Fig. 5]. Also, the flatlander will see a never-ending path, while we happy 3D Euclidians can easily make out the finiteness of the strip.

Fig. 2. Möbius loop 1


Fig. 3. Möbius loop 2


Fig. 4. Möbius loop 3



Fig. 5. 2D flatlander view.


Figures from 10th Dimension YouTube video


A very attentive 2D flatlander might have seen some changes in the light intensity of the strip along the way, but only a 3D person would have been able to relate these changes to the various positions of the light source. A lower-dimensioned mind simply assimilates, or "folds", higher-dimensional evidence into lower-dimensional interpretations of the evidence.

In theory, a higher-dimensional state is always possible. But to confirm its presence, we need 5D evidence which in the past we might have systematically folded down into three or four dimensions. That's not easy to do, because the whole world functions with the 3D-plus-duration model, and pretty much everything seems "explained". Some of my scientist friends would say, "Sure, you could always argue for another dimension2. But what will it buy you?"

Along the way, they might point you to the famous "Standard Model" of particle physics. This is a long-evolved, extensive and very detailed description of atomic and subatomic particles, and for many observers, of our entire physical existence. Only some parts of gravitation remain unexplained in this model, as well as some aspects of cold dark matter. So unless you're a well-versed physicist or astrophysicist, you'd find it difficult to point to physical evidence of a 5th dimensional fold. All known physical properties of our daily universe are predicted by numbers accurate to the 10th decimal point or better. This explains a lot of the reticence that contemporary scientists show toward the tales of a 5th dimension emerging from spiritual, extraterrestrial and "insider" sources. For them, the 5th dimension is nothing but a secondary hypothesis, handy for some far-out speculations in astrophysics.

We might well leave it there, were it not for wormholes.


According to Wikipedia, a wormhole is a hypothetical topological feature of spacetime that could provide a "short-cut" through spacetime (other common term: a "portal"). Accordingly, we 3D Euclidians could be meandering through a 5D space, much like the 2D flatlander meandering along a 3D Möbius strip. And like the flatlander who suddenly ends up on the other side of the glued-together Möbius strip, we might suddenly reach a "short-cut" that instantly transports us to an entirely different place in spacetime. That short-cut would be a 5D "jump", seen as an invisible "fold" in our flattened 3D conception of the universe.

Wormholes have been predicted as far back as the 1920s. In the 1950s and since then, they became a popular theory for certain astrophysicists, as well as for millions of sci-fi buffs who explored the time travel aspect of the wormhole hypothesis.

All this remained highly speculative till a few years ago, when Andrew D. Basiago showed up on the Internet talk circuit saying that the U.S. had developed a controlled wormhole system in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s in which he and some other youngsters had been the first to travel to remote locations, as well as to remote times in both the past and the future3. He and several other "travellers" in the same secret U.S. program have now stated officially that they have travelled to Mars in this manner.

Further important evidence of a "jumproom to Mars" programme came through a number of interviews on Camelot and with various other "whistleblower reporters", particularly by a person who called himself Henry Deacon and who had stated even before Basiago that he had been sent to Mars in exactly this way to perform maintenance on some electronic apparatus that the U.S. maintained there.4

Our first reaction is to consider all of this total nonsense. We're likely to "fold this down" to a hyperactive imagination and megalomania. But that rationalization disappears quickly when one listens to the hours and hours of detailed accounts that Andrew Basiago et al. have given us. Also, a number of "deep insider" sources have given many further supporting hints. The rumours of such a programme have not died down, they have grown in importance over time.

More important than we thought originally

After many hours of listening to various of these testimonies, I have ended up believing Henry Deacon and Andrew Basiago. Their stories have the ring of truth to them. To me, it does indeed seem possible that a "wormhole elevator" has been built and that Henry Deacon, Andrew Basiago and many others have travelled to Mars and other places in such a device.

Moreover, time travel also appears possible with this device. Basiago gives a detailed account of how he travelled back to 1863 to see President Lincoln give his Gettysburg address, and he briefly talks about projections that he made to a potential 2017 as well as a 2035 future time line. These time travel experiments were apparently made with much care, so as not to introduce history-changing elements (i.e., to avoid the "grandfather paradox").

The way I understand this device, it is through manipulations of the 4th and 5th dimensions that this technology achieves quasi-instant spatial and time displacements. From this perspective, spacetime and the 5th dimension becomes manipulable entities. So obviously, instantaneous time and space travel -- if they are indeed possible -- would make the 5th dimension much more important than we had originally thought. It would "buy" us a great deal. Physics that not only understands, but also manipulates wormholes is a huge advance over the standard physics we have now which treats wormholes mainly as an interesting hypothesis for astrophysics.

Matter-of-fact attitude towards the 5th dimension

Could the "jumproom technology" prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the 5th dimension exists? Yes, it could, in all likelihood. But let's be realistic. This is one technology that will be kept secret for a very long time and I'm not holding my breath for a sudden disclosure. In the meanwhile, the possibility that this technology exists reinforces the hypothesis that my Higher Self has told me about. That's good enough for me. Although we are still a long way from a confirmation, the existence as well as the importance of a 5th dimension has been well reinforced.

Much like the early Australian explorers who with every new nautical mile became surer that they were in fact circumnavigating a new continent, I personally derive a growing belief that my mind is indeed exploring an entirely new dimension and is gaining experience in viewing the world from the 5D perspective. Since my ascension, I've had a new relationship to time, space and paranormal events. It's a perspective that merits further exploration.



1 YouTube "Imagining the Tenth Dimension part 1 of 2 " http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkxieS-6WuA and "Imagining the Tenth Dimension part 2 of 2" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySBaYMESb8o

2 Here is another easy way to understand the 5th dimension.
A point has no dimension. It occupies a fixed place and it cannot move.
A line, that is, a first dimension, offers multiple opportunities for a point to exist along one direction.
The same is true of the second and the third dimension, which add two more orthogonal directions for the point to exist. In the flexible space of three dimensions, one can define a 3-dimensional object.
The fourth dimension multiplies the point's existence along the time line and the 3D object can now be considered in its past, present or future state.
The fifth dimension offers a further multiplicative state that permits us to consider several time-specified 3D objects as part of a single set. For this reason, some theoreticians call the fifth dimension the "information" dimension. Since you can create numerous new time-specified 3D objects with an easy 5D reference, the 5th dimension can also be considered as the dimension of "creativity".

3  http://www.projectpegasus.net/index, see also the 2009 spontaneous 39-part interview with Jessica Mystic beginning at   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&;v=iwE8m50sbWk

4 E.g. YouTube "JUMPROOM TO MARS: a new conversation with David Wilcock"  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMwJmIRF7ZE&;feature=relmfu, YouTube "Rafael Palacios interviews Henry Deacon"  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WAyKnqzHco, YouTube "PROJECT CAMELOT BARCELONA FUTURETALK_revised"  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1Sw8yutI1Y


[I asked my Higher Self if he agreed with this blog as it stands. The answer was: "Agreed". I sensed a certain lack of enthusiasm, so I asked, "Do you believe that all of this is rather elementary?" Answer: "Agreed". "Do you think that it is important to establish these conceptual bases?" Answer: "Strongly agreed". "So, can it go on the website?" "Agreed"]


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