We've ascended, we're applying our life lessons, we've gone through emotional cleansing, and we've developed an idea of what a 5th dimension could be. If you're still with us, I'm sure you'd like to begin exploring the 5th dimension.

Let me open the gates.

Isn't that amazing?

Here it is, a wonderful garden. Look around. Sunshine everywhere, a wonderful space with flowers and life all over. Come in and let the joy become part of you. Sit down and take it in. Or better yet, close your eyes and listen -- with your ears and with your heart. Can you feel it? What is so special about this place?

After a while, here is what I heard, "The love in this dimension is incredible. Everywhere you turn, there is understanding, acceptance, joy and love. The fifth dimension is the world of love".

I had never thought about love in this way. What's all this "love"? Had I not been loving enough in 3D?

I asked Melkiades.

An enigmatic answer came back, "Love in spiritual life is like water in biological life". We know that water penetrates through every cell of plants, animals or humans. In 3D, all of biological life needs water. Melkiades said that in the 5D world, the medium is love. Thoughts and actions are motivated by love. Without it, our 5D lives would crumble rapidly -- just as life cannot exist without water. Or if you need another comparison, love in the spiritual realm is what oil and petrol are to combustion engines. Without it, nothing will run.

Hmm. So I asked, what is it about love that I still do not know?

I know that I very much care for some people around me.

I know how I feel when I see love in the eyes of someone dear to me.

I know how I feel in love making.

Is this love? Is this spiritual love? Yes, Melkiades tells me, that's part of it, that's is how I experience love. Love grows spontaneously, it flows into your body when the conditions are right. Melkiades tells me that this is the real key. While you can't tell someone to "go love someone", you can create the right conditions for making love grow and to help love grow spontaneously. Melkiades says, "Plants do not grow on stone". You can't tell them, "go grow on stone." But you can give them some rich soil and sufficient water, and with some sunlight, they will grow.

The great sulk

Because my guides are great teachers, they immediately gave me a powerful example. It didn't show me what love is, but rather what effect its absence can have. Indirectly, that tells you much of what love could be if it were there.

I was on a one-and-a-half hour flight. On the two seats next to me sat a very good-looking couple in their late twenties. They were both nice to me when they sat down. They obviously belonged together because they shared a suitcase. But during the entire flight, they didn't exchange a word or didn't snuggle up to each other. He looked straight ahead and she looked out of the window.

SulkI was wondering. Would they now spend an hour and a half of "quality together-time" sulking? Or of making a point to each other? Or of being bored with each other? Why did this fit-looking male not even say a word to his absolutely charming girl friend? Or vice versa?

I started thinking about the two, wondering and feeling sorry. I've been through periods of painful non-communication myself and I don't like to see people suffer. Internally, I heard the reproaches. "He has no respect for what I think. I don't even dare open my mouth any more." "She's not interested in the things I'm interested in." "He's a nice guy, but he's got a one-track mind and doesn't understand very much of what interests me." "She's so stubborn. She goes into a huge sulking mode if I don't go along with her ideas."

I had heard all this before when talking to friends and clients, and here is what comes out in the end: "I feel alone", "I don't receive the love I deserve", "I give all the love I can, but don't receive any in return". Even to the point of: "He isn't even capable of love. All I'm good for is lovemaking. And even that has become a bore."

The flow of love is blocked. The water is not getting to the plant and it can't grow. The petrol is not getting to the engine. We're stuck on the road. Time to call the service man. We need to know if the problem is minor or major.

What to do?

Sometimes it's just a minor problem. You may just need a little gas, and the engine will start. Sometimes, the case is more drastic.

Let's look at all the possibilities.

It may be a minor misunderstanding. In those precious minutes together, why not talk things over? With all the airplane noise, no one could hear what they say to each other. In a few minutes of frank conversation, frustration with something that happened or was done might dissolve in a few minutes or hours. Talk. Talk with your wife/husband/etc. honestly. Listen to what he/she has to say. Take it seriously. Think about it. Work together. Together you can build a future of love.

You can't turn love on or off, but you can feed and water it. Show understanding, don't react to insults. Let the emotions calm down. Listen, communicate and solve problems. Don't just sit in your seat and sulk.

Communication: Key Number One

In fact, we need more than just talk. Just "talking" isn't good enough -- we need the right kind of communication. Yelling at each other is not communication. Here are some useful questions:

Does your partner really listen to your problem? Honestly? Is there a concrete attempt to help, which shows that the problem was really understood?

Do you really listen to your partner's problems? Do you sympathize, even when your partner did something stupid?

Are you there to stroke his/her hair, when something unjust happened in the day? Do you help, and get helped some other times in turn?

There is also gestual communication. Sexual encounters are one of the most important places where non-spoken, gestual communication counts.

Do you listen to the needs of your partner? Do you help him/her come to full excitement? Are you relaxed and enjoy the full and wonderful time it takes for both?

All this is part of "communication": feeling how the other person feels when building to a joyful and full climax, in her or his own, proper time.

The whole sexual story is doing something together that is really extraordinary. To do the thing really together, in love, you need some powerful listening and feeling skills. We open the pores and let love flow in and out.

Two key questions

That may be the good case, a minor misunderstanding. Or the case may be more serious. You may be wondering where your relationship really stands. You have gathered some doubts, and some serious questions are crossing your mind. In my understanding, you can quickly get to the crux of the matter. Just two questions can situate the current state of your partnership.

Ask yourself question 1 (care and compassion): "What happens when I tell my partner about a frustration I experienced in my day?" Is there understanding, sympathy, and possibly an offer of help? Yes/no.

lovebugs.jpgThen ask question 2 (sharing): "Is our sexual experience the story of two solitudes, or is it the story of mutual understanding and of the flow of love between us?" Yes/no.

If you put "no" to one or both of the questions, do not give up. If you've established that love isn't getting to the plant, it's time to check the blockages. Begin to communicate. Get help from someone whose relationship is going well. Ask how they solve their disagreements. Learn from others, then apply what you've learned to your own relationship.

And give it time. Even if there is no response at first, the ice may have been broken. Responses may come only weeks or months later. Watch the signs, be patient and in the meanwhile, build your relationship with your Higher Self for rich answers and internal support.

Power games, caring and separating

Or in the final case, you may be in a very unhappy situation. What if you've tried talk, and touch, and everything else, for quite some time, and the ice just won't melt? That can happen as well, it's happened to me, and it's a sad story.

If you're there, it's a very lonely place, and the first thing that you must know is: You are not alone. Yes, you have your Higher Self with you and "he", "she" or "they" will help you pull through. That too has happened to me.

When you're in that black hole, you will ask some serious questions about where your relationship is on the caring scale (question 1). Does your partner really care for you now? Did your partner care for you in the beginning of your relationship, and the caring has waned over the months and years? Or was it just "fun and games" or a "sexual power game" that got you entangled in the relationship? Which then never matured into real caring or into a fully shared relationship?

Those are the moments of truth. You may well see a dark reality that you never wanted to see before.

If that's the case, it's time to ask your inner self some serious questions. Go to the next part of this blog and find out how you can talk reliably to your deepest inner self -- to your "Higher Self". Learn how to get in touch, and get clear answers about where you are now. Together with your Higher Self, work your way out to a much healthier situation.

If you must separate from your partner, it will be important to have some very good friends. The best place to start is with your Higher Self. It is always with you and it always wants you to succeed, even if the lesson is tough.

Even a tough lesson can be a lesson of love. When that sad moment comes where your inside says, "That's it, this no longer is the place of love," it may be also the point where your inside says, "I know that the morning is near. The sun will come again, and I will open myself to love when it rises again." Your deep inside knows that you are capable of loving much more than the current circumstances permit. It wants to help you find love again.

I've asked Melkiades if he wants to add a comment here. Yes indeed.

He wishes to add the following message for you if you're in the process of separating: Above all, be cautious. Proceed with the full strength of conviction, yes, but try to minimize the pain for all that are concerned. Separation is a very painful event for everyone: partners, children, family, friends. If you've definitely understood that you must separate, then do it not only firmly, but also as gently as you can. And communicate with your friends. Don't keep it in. Work through your pain. There will come a day when the pain has an end. It usually comes later than we wish, but it does come.

Love in the Ascended State

Whether your home situation is filled with love, or if it's suffering from minor or major lack of love, in all these situations, 5D gives us hope. In the ascended state you'll find more real friends who can help each other grow. With friends that really understand, the pores open up and love can begin to flow.

Listen to the inside. It will tell you what you need to know.

Some time ago, while qualifying for the ascended state, we learned to listen and to be there for the other. So we already know about the difficult lesson of tolerance, of time of learning, and the acceptance of the differences which distinguish us and bring interest and life into our existence.

Now as we continue into deeper fields of the ascended state, we go one step further. We embed all our actions in considerations of love and caring. Power games are no longer good enough. Does my thinking reflect my tolerance of the others' evolving state of consciousness? Am I acting in a way that will promote mutual understanding all around? And do I really care for and about our closest loved ones? Our 5D garden of Eden will only improve if we don't trample on the flowers.

And now comes the hard lesson. What about those that do not understand us? Those that are insensitive and closed to understanding? That treat us as inferior beings, or worse? What to do about them? In coming chapters we shall have to say much more on this subject, but in the meanwhile, examine where you place your own thoughts. On revenge? On "getting back to them"? If so, aren't you wasting your time and energy? Can these thoughts help you evolve? Are these thoughts really going to get you any further?

As we become more familiar with the flow of understanding, tolerance and acceptance of the higher dimensions, we gradually learn how love is the water of the spiritual realm. Yes, we can block it. Or else, we can help it flow into every nook and cranny of our communication with others, in how we treat others and how we experience our existence.

If we become aware of how love flows, we can seek blockages and remove them. Love makes us go out of our way and do something for others because we are related by a spiritual bond. As water flows through all of life in the 3rd dimension, we let love pass to the 5D plant. In such a flow of love and respect of the other, our human relationships become very much richer and much longer-lasting.

Melkiades tells me that this is a difficult lesson. Listen to love and let it take root in you.


[I wrote this right after the "Welcome" chapter. After finishing, I asked the Higher Self if it could go on the website. The answer was no. Why? Wasn't it good enough? No, it was fine, answered the Higher Self, but it was out of sequence. After I'd added the previous chapters, I asked again. Now I received the answer that it was the right time to publish it. I asked if I represented my Higher Self's views correctly? "Agreed". Is there still more to come on this issue? "Strongly agreed". Should I still publish it as it is? "Strongly agreed". I wonder what more will come.]

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