The Yijing

A Free I Ching Programme

by Melkiades



Help Section: User Manual / Introduction / Perspective

yijing programmeI invite you to try a free I Ching programme, the "Yijing". Simply ask your questions, obtain your answer immediately, and the program stores the answers. You can examine old consultations, and you can compare different I Ching translations. Its interface runs in English, French, German and Spanish. The included texts are the copyright-expired versions by Legge, 1899 (English), Wilhem, 1924 (German) and Philastre, 1885 (French). You can also attach your own I Ching files to the programme, either by chapters or in book form.

For normal usage, simply click the "Consult" button, and obtain a hexagram and the related text. The moving-line texts are displayed separately in a split screen for rapid reading. Attached reference texts (in chapter form) open according to the hexagram that was cast.

Advanced users can record questions and answers in the ongoing database. Also, various aspects of the question, such as context and outcome, can be annotated and the adequacy of the response can be scored. Furthermore, multiple I Ching "consultation projects" can be maintained, for following different life issues. The database is maintained as text files, for easy further analysis with external programmes (Excel, or user-created programmes).

For the researcher, the Chinese-English Legge translation is also included.

Titles change from translation to translation, so a generalized titling system was introduced. For that, Alfred Huang's etymologically motivated English translations of the 64 hexagram titles were  used and were translated into French, German and Spanish. They serve as a comparative guide to Wilhelm's and others' title translations. Furthermore, the Chinese titles have been transliterated into intonation-marked Pinyin, and MP3 pronunciations of the hexagram titles are available in the programme.

The programme runs as a Java jar-file on Windows, Ubuntu Linux and Macintosh.